The Dollars and Cents of Going Back to School

Suddenly you decide you wish to go back to school to reinvent your career. it's no small chunk of change to invest in higher education. So, how does this career move break down in terms of dollars and cents. Learn how this woman is making it work without breaking the bank. ...more

Nonprofit Does Not Mean Not For Pay

Should you work with nonprofits as a freelancer? Is it a good idea to work for them pro bono? As a freelancer you are always doing a dance between future opportunity and today's business. Without income, you don't have a business, you have a hobby. How to determine whether to work with nonprofits and when/if to ever do so pro bono is covered well in this article. ...more

If You Jumped Ship, What Would You Do?

If you jumped ship from your current job either voluntarily or involuntarily, what would you do? Where would you go? Would you view it as a blessing or a curse? It seems that while there is a small percentage of people who would frankly just do the same thing they were doing, many more, close to 70% in fact would do something different. ...more

this is exactly where i am mentally right now. i know what i want to do. i'm determined to make ...more

Hot Advice for Rockin' Your Business

So you've decided to sell your in literally sell in a soul-connected way so how do you do it well? What are some of the key tips for getting things started in an authentic way? Danielle LaPorte, the Fire Starter herself has these 8 tips to offer you. ...more

How to Cultivate Better Listening Skills

We all know good listening skills are essential, but what is someone to do if you don't already possess a natural talent for listening? Good news is listening skills can be developed with practice. Learn more about the power of inquiry and how that can really make you a better listener. ...more

Your Vision Fuels Your Writing

You became an entrepreneur because you had a vision. Yet, is your vision innate in your business writing? Can people FEEL you and that vision when they read every word you write - emails, marketing copy, and sales pieces? If not, learn how you can bring more of you and your vision to all that you write. ...more

Passion can surface in a lot of things, and in me, it is in creative writing.


Freelancers: Why You're Probably Charging Too Little

Three years ago, when I left my job to freelance full time, I had a hard time shifting my mental math from salary to an hourly rate. When a client agreed to pay $30/hour for my copywriting services, I was over the moon, thinking it was an outrageously extravagant sum. After all, $30/hour x 40 hours in a week x 52 weeks in a year = $62,400, which was way more than the salary I'd just left. (I'm sure some of you are already laughing at that equation, because you know where I'm going with this.) ...more
My move to full-time freelance writing 6 years ago (had already been doing it PT for 2 years) ...more

Stop Waiting and Start Leading Ladies!

Ladies - what are we waiting for? Now is the time to lead...if we don't take the lead in our own lives, we will continue to be left with the table scraps. Read this thought-provoking post on gender pay inequality, women's leadership, and affecting lasting change. ...more

Hi and thanks, Paula, for posting my challenge to women to step and and take back their power ...more

Get More Personal in the Digital World

Our digital world can get pretty impersonal. Yes it's a blessing to be connected far and wide, but sometimes it can feel so, well disconnected. It's time to get more personal online and this article will show you how to integrate those personal and online relationships in a tangible way. ...more

Are You Being Too Nice? It's Hurting Your Career

[Editor's Note: So you thought "nice" was a pretty good career move. Think again. All those platitudes about being nice and getting along may be holding you back in your career. - Paula G] ...more