Life Without Regret-Taking the Leap

The dream of taking a leap and leaving the day job behind. Many fantasize about it, yet few have the courage to do it. Love this story of the roller coaster of emotions from Laurie Erdman as she talks about leaving paychecks behind and taking the leap of faith. ...more

Katie Couric Leaves CBS - A More Authentic Career Move

What Katie Couric's Departure Can Teach You In late April, it was officially announced that Katie Couric is leaving CBS Evening News. This doesn't come as a surprise for people who knew all along that while Couric is super-talented, the anchor desk was not her place to shine. In the Huffington Post announcement, Couric is quoted as saying: ...more

Thanks for the great reminder that fulfillment is a holistic view... and our decisions always ...more

Using Social Media Effectively as a New Grad

Using social media for finding a job can be helpful at any age. If you are fresh out of school, it can be a great tool for finding internships, part-time, and full-time positions. Learn how to use it more effectively in this guide from New Grad Life. ...more

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed

Self-employment can feel like a dead end to retirement. Without company pensions or company retirement plans you are left to your own devices to take control of your retirement strategy. Learn about the many ways you can plan and save for retirement and how these benefit the self-employed. ...more

How to Create Your Home Office for Success

Whether you are working from home and telecommuting or a full-time work-at-home entrepreneur, setting up your home office is key. Learn 10 tips on how to set yourself up for success by creating a better, more effective home office. ...more
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How to Land a Job (Even in this Economy)

Learn from nine women how they beat the odds and found their ideal jobs. Yes, even now, even in this economy these women were able to think outside the box (bad phrase, but good idea!) and create their own realities. Read more, get inspired, and expand your job search efforts. ...more

How to Deal with Rude Coworkers During Meetings

Raise your hand if you hate co-workers who are rude in meetings! From the passive-aggressive rude to the downright obnoxious, we've all been there...biting our tongue, not sure what to do. In this post Ask a Manager gives you the answer to how to handle these rude and annoying meeting attendees. ...more

Turn Mistakes Into Money

Everyone makes mistakes. If you're an entrepreneur, you're likely to make many of them. The key is to keep moving forward and move through those mistakes quickly and effectively. In this post learn how you can take those inevitable mistakes and turn them into money. ...more

How to Negotiate with Success

Do you struggle with negotiating? I know I certainly have. In this article you can learn in-depth about how you can negotiate better than 99% of people. Excellent and detailed look at the negotiating process with plenty of real-life humor thrown in. ...more

5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

How to make your business stand out in the crowded marketplace, It is what we all yearn for, yet how to do it? If it was simple then, well no one would stand out (because everyone would be standing out), right? Learn how you can make yours catch the eyes of your ideal client. ...more