Lessons from Lemonade Project Year 2

A lemonade stand is far more than just a way to sell some lemonade and guilt adults into buying some (even if they are not thirsty) because you are a cute kid. Real life lessons abound when undertaking a lemonade stand project and here is just one installment in that journey from Jean Latting's Blog ...more

Going "All In" as an Entrepreneur

I have been a woman consumed. You know that feeling when you first fall head-over-heels in love? Everything feels new and wondrous again--the sky is brighter, your morning coffee tastes better, in fact, your good mood alone may have invented everything wonderful from kissing to gelato.  Sure, you are missing other dates and deadlines and blowing off old obligations, but nothing else matters: you have finally found "The One."   ...more

Hey Deb,

Great article. One of the keys I've found to starting an entrepreneurial venture is ...more

College Admissions On Facebook: Not All Bad News

It’s been a very busy college admissions year in our household. I have a high school senior and a gap year kid, both applying to college, while I have been busily promoting my book about how to use social media to booster college admissions....more

Yes, Susie.
And they need to keep in mind that cleaning up their social media for college is ...more

Creating Collaborative Workspace

When you work solo it can feel isolating. Sometimes you need a place to connect with other people, collaborate, and simply have some non-digital social interaction. Here's one person's story about why she can't wait to collaborate and why she is starting up her own collaborative work space. ...more

Attn: Women Bloggers - You Are Influential

Always a hot topic- blogging or tweeting for pay. Are your opinions being paid for or are they authentically yours? Would you promote or rave about something you didn't believe in just to take home a wad of cash? I know I certainly wouldn't. Yvonne DiVita explores the trends and opinions of those in the know about just how influential women bloggers are. ...more

I have been blogging for three years, and I can honestly say that I would like to do it for a ...more

Is it OK to Cry at Work?

You're at the end of your rope - stressed, unhappy, maybe even going through a trying personal situation that can't help but affect your time at work. Would you cry at work? Or, would you stuff your emotions in an attempt to look professional and not rock the boat? It always amazes me that this question is even, well a question. Meaning a workplace is a place made up of human beings. Humans have emotions, Workplaces can be stressful. Personal life happens. Why wouldn't you potentially cry at work? ...more
I have cried many times at work....but I do try not to have my staff see me cry if my reason is ...more

Transitioning to Retirement

This post explores options for navigating your way into retirement. Working hard one day and then poof with no schedule or direction is no way to go. Learn more about the 6 ways you could have a better experience transitioning yourself into retirement. ...more

What Does Your Language Say?

The language you use when you speak speaks volumes about you. It is critical to your success in career and business. Here's an extended look at ways you can beef up your language when you write or speak about yourself to experience greater success. Whether you own your own business or are interviewing for a job, these tips will help. ...more

Sales Conversations - What Does It Mean When the Light Turns Yellow?

Sales calls are some of the trickiest landscapes to navigate for new and veteran entrepreneurs alike. Molly Gordon has this advice: ...more

Fitness Plan for Travelers

Staying fit while traveling for business or pleasure can be a challenge. How do you keep up your fitness routine on the road? Zen Habits advises: ...more