Leaving My Job and Finding Fashioning Faith

When I decided to leave my job to peruse my writing full time, I got a lot of questions. I got even more questions when word got out that the only journalist in our family was leaving life in corporate America, at one of the most reputable news organizations in the world, to blog? Or as some would hear it: Become a full-fledged Couch Potato. ...more

Your article is fabulous, you passion and courage come right through in your writing. ...more

The Value of Women's Work Can Change the Workplace

Isn't it amazing that Blatch made this argument 113 years ago? Her point still resonates today. A study released by the Center for American Progress shows that in the down economy, women increasingly became the sole breadwinners, despite the persistent wage gap, since men were being laid off at higher rates to trim companies' bottom line. More and more men defined themselves as "stay-at-home fathers." Women were fully half the paid workforce as of last year, and because women were concentrated in lower paying jobs were less likely to be laid off. ...more
Thanks, Gloria and the people who commented..Please check out The State of the Union: Our Real ...more

Push Pause: Life Is Not a Race

My whole life, I’ve been in a rush. But now, with the benefit of a few extra years of experience, and because I’ve finally allowed myself the time to breathe, I find myself wishing I could go back and push pause. There is so much I would tell my younger self. So much I would do differently with the benefit of hindsight. So here it is, a letter to my younger self. ...more

I definitely need to slow down. Every time I think that I have, I find something new to do! ...more

When Your Job Turns You into a Temporary Single Parent

My husband has been coming down every couple weeks and taking Doug skiing up north. Which was tough the first time, but a lot easier the second, when I actually enjoyed my day and a half on my own. My mom and brother come down to visit about once a month, and now that the weather is getting better, we’ll be taking day trips to finish packing up the MA house to get it on the market. So, I’m somewhat sort of single right now, but I’m getting to be a full time mom and that’s worth everything to me. ...more

What I got from your piece is that being a mom, single or otherwise, is simply the hardest job ...more

Stop Living Your Life in Draft Mode

Sometimes I have an idea for an article, but don't have time to write it out completely. Other days I have the idea, but the meat of the article hasn't come to me yet.  The words just aren't quite ready to unfold. When inspiration strikes, but it isn't convenient or isn't fully fledged, I write a quick blurb - usually 2 or 3 sentences - and save it as a draft in my blog. Every once in a while I pull the drafts up and take a look to see if any of the topics resonate with me.  Is today the day that thought will fully flourish and the words will fly onto the paper?...more

Nice post. I am finally living a long-time dream, covering several entries on my bucket list. ...more

People in Glass Houses and Other Lessons From My Students

In light of everything that is going on in the world, my students' efforts to get Ellen DeGeneres to speak to them might seem irrelevant and unimportant. In fact, it might even support the notion that kids are too caught up in pop culture to recognize what is going on around them.  While that might be true in part, there is always another side to any story. And in this instance, there are multiple sides to this story. So before anyone rushes to judgment, I would hope they considered the following:...more

A big day for a little spacecraft: @MESSENGER2011

It was St. Patrick’s Day, and the crowd of nearly 400 waited expectantly in the Kossiakoff auditorium at APL. Irish dancing music was piped into the auditorium as recorded interviews of Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Eric Finnegan, and Eric Calloway played on the giant screen, reviewing the six planetary gravity assists, the five deep space maneuvers, and the big idea to add solar sailing that arose as the spacecraft approached the first Mercury flyby....more

Parenting Decisions, Feminism and the Stay-at-Home Mom

I have a few memories of being a little girl. In one, I am clinging to my mother's leg as she tries to leave me at daycare. I'm hysterical, and all I want is her softness, the smell of her hair in my hands. ...more
I struggle with this every day!  I just quit my job substitute teaching at a Juvenile Detention ...more

Speaker Spotlight: BlogHer | bet '11 Features Five More Inspiring Women

Fortune magazine Editor-at-Large Pattie Sellers has said: “Unlike the guys, who tend to view power as ‘up the ladder,’ women typically define power as ‘influence.’" They use that influence -- and expand its sphere -- by sharing the wealth of their experience, and mentoring others. ...more

Speaker Spotlight: Sandy Carter and Adriana Gascoigne at BlogHer | bet ’11

Next month, BlogHer is bringing together industry leaders in a new event for ambitious women: BlogHer | bet ’11. Today, we'd like to introduce you to intrapreneur Sandy Carter of IBM and advisor Adriana Gascoigne, Founder of Girls in Tech. ...more

This is really making me wish I could be at BlogHer|bet.

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