Blogher Purses, Bags, and Backpacks

The minute I walked into the reception at blogher tonight, Susan Getgood came up to me and said "Don't photograph my shoes.  These aren't the good ones.  I'll have those on tommorrow."   Several other women came up to me and told me not take photos because they forgot to get pedicures!   ...more

Aloha Everyone!

That first Hawaiian Purse photo you show in the post above utilizes a popular ...more

Virtual Attendees--Do We Have Some Chatters In The House?

As BlogHer 06 kicks off, it seems fitting to post a link to This article from the Pittsburgh Tribune that discusses how blogs have helped some women find their own voices online. ...more


You have no IDEA how weird it is to see a couple of Hogs t's posted below my ...more

This year's back-saving measure: Digital Storage Lockers

Don't get me wrong: We love schwag! But with roughly 20 items going into this year's conference tote bag, being an attendee this year could be a mighty heavy proposition. ...more

Email to come. Sorry; couldn't visualize how it would end up (was picturing some on-site file ...more

A few words from our Sponsors: BlogHer's Sponsor Presentation Theater

For those of you who are like me and like to plot their schedules at conferences (do you color code too?), you should know about BlogHer's Presentation Theater. ...more

So, what's a Birds of a Feather session anyway?

On Saturday morning, immediately after we open the conference in rousing fashion, you'll note that we're sending you off to get caffeinated and meet your blog crushes during an informal Birds of a Feather hour. Or as I like to call it: BOF. ...more

If you would like to be put on it please email me.

Elisa Camahort

Ladies, start your engines!

BlogHer Whitney Brandt brings up an excellent point for those of you traveling to San Jose for BlogHer this week: The San Jose Grand Prix is happening the same days as BlogHer this year. Some of the downtown San Jose streets and freeway exits may be closed off, and there might be a lot of detour signs. It tends to be more downtown, and the Hyatt is closer to the airport, but it could make things crowded/congested at the airport and maybe at some parking lots. ...more

I think some people have a ticket or two to sell.

Sorry I don't have better news.

Elisa ...more

BlogHer Session Discussion: Political Blogging on Day Two

25th in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day Two: Political Blogging: Same shit, different day? What did political blogs accomplish in 2004, besides bringing down Dan Rather and selling tickets to Farenheit 911? Will poli-blogs and hyper-local citizen journalism sites really make a difference in 2006 and 2008? Are bloggers better off trying to influence their own communities or sway the masses? Lisa Williams talks with Jarah Euston, Kety Esquivel, Courtney Hollands, Lindsay Beyerstein and Ann Althouse...bloggers representing all types of blogs, and with a range of opinions on what they expect to achieve with those blogs. ...more

Not that I'm one, but I am so surprised to see that everyone here is a self-proclaimed ...more

Let's Talk About the Weather

So, some of you may be wondering about our weather here in beautiful San Jose for the conference. It's hot. Really, really hot. Yesterday the high in San Jose was 103 degrees. Today it's forecast to be 102 degrees...what a relief! And yes, it's a dry heat, but when it gets over 100 degrees I'm not sure that's all that helpful. (For those of you who know this area and its weather, I think you'll understand how unusually hot it's been when I tell you that the high yesterday in San Francisco was 95 degrees!) ...more

Fancy dress costumes, Halloween costumes, masks, ...more

BlogHer Session Discussion: 10 Types of Web Writing on Day One

24th in our series introducing you to each of our BlogHer Conference '06 sessions and their speakers, and finding out what you would like to get from each session. Today, I bring you from Day One: 10 Types of Web Writing: And how to execute them professionally. Lisa Stone and Lynne D. Johnson walk you through everything from short-form sign post blogging to long-form essay blogging. ...more

Thanks Elisa. I just published our more detailed session description more

Help your Primp-meisters out

Your dedicated Primp Your Blog instructors have created an extremely brief survey to help them be well-prepared for the session. Really they just want to know what blogging tools you guys are using, and what you most were hoping to learn in the session. ...more