Today: BlogHer SXSW/Austin Meetup

Austin local and BlogHer Contributing Editor Paige Maguire is welcoming the BlogHer throng to Austin by hosting our Friday Night BlogHer Meet-up. ...more

See you there :)

Elisa Camahort
BlogHer and Worker Bees

Call for Speakers: On Sensitive Subjects

We've clarified the description of one of our sessions on Day Two, Outreach Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. ...more

Elisa y los otras:

Con mucho gusto! In our training/facilitating field, we try to pay ...more

Room of Your Own Candidates

We have had many suggestions for Room of Your Own sessions, from fully-fleshed out panel abstracts to brief emails. We currently have only SIX Room of Your Own slots. We will announce the selections by March 10th. ...more


I bet your home looks a lot like mine, in terms of bookshelf contents...wonder ...more

Announcing v1 of BlogHer '06's Day Two Schedule

We are pleased to publish the preliminary schedule for BlogHer '06 Day Two. A few important notes: 1. Please look for a post specifically about the Room of Your Own sessions in a little while. (UPDATE: Here's the link to the Room of Your Own candidates.) In the BlogHer spirit, we are going to publish the great candidates we've had for the Room of Your Own sessions and see what excites people. ...more

Thanks for the detailed description of the process. It is informative.

It's a tall order to ...more

In Case You Naked Bloggers Didn't Hear Me the First Time

To prepare and research our panel at SXSW on Naked/Personal Blogging on a work blog/in a work setting, we're conducting a pulse survey of female (and male)bloggers on their attitudes toward mixing the personal with the professional on their blogs. ...more

We've hit 100! And over 500!

Busy news day from me. First I want to let you know that we have passed the 100 mark on BlogHer registrations. (93% of those are for full two-day passes.) ...more


I'm doing two days also (and staying three nights) because it's not really worth my ...more

The Latest on SXSWi: Fess up, Link up, Meet up

Today Hugh from SXSW Interactive updates the world on their roster of female speakers (120 at last count) and shows BlogHer some linky love on the topic. Special thanks to all our friends at BlogHer for helping to recruit so many creative and qualified women to SXSW. ...more

Sunday Blogher Dinner too?

Anyone up for it? Monday?

Nancy White

Session change on aforementioned Day One schedule

Thought I'd call out the one session we decided to change from the original Day One schedule: Gone is the session on Syndication. When we took a look we realized that syndication is a part of many larger discussions: ...more

Hi Laura:

Good question. No, we won't have people register for specific sessions, although ...more

Reminder: Deadline Call for Day One speakers and Room of Your Own ideas

Hey everybody, just wanted to post a reminder that February 15th is our deadline for taking in speaker submissions for Day One's schedule and Room of Your Own ideas. ...more

Hi Elisa

OK I'll email you.

I won't post a forum topic about it yet. I'll wait and see ...more

Take Our Survey: Blogging 'Naked' at Work

In preparation for a panel BlogHer will be presenting at the SXSW Interactive festival, we would like to get a sense of where women stand on the issue of mixing personal and business blogging We would appreciate it if you took a few moments (5 to 15 minutes, depending on your answers) to share your thoughts on this topic. ...more