The Great Non-Dairy Ice Cream Taste-Off

July's the Month of Ice Cream on BlogHer -- and as you know, I adore Month of Anything Food (cf. Month of Pie) and would love to play along. But my stupid tummy hates ice cream. Serve me up more than a teaspoon of frozen dairy -- ice cream, gelato, fro-yo, soft-serve, semifreddo, ice milk -- and you WILL regret it. I will, anyway. ...more
I recently tried So Delicious coconut milk ice cream in Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Vanilla ...more

How to Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker

I used to be one of those people who refused to buy an ice cream maker. Why do I need one? I'd ask myself. There's plenty of perfectly good ice cream out there to buy, and I'd probably only use it once a year. That's certainly true, but at a point about two years ago, I finally saw a recipe that made me cave. Next thing I knew, I was the owner of a mid-level Cuisinart machine. ...more
This is how I make ice cream and it comes out delicious ...more

Make Mini Ice Cream Drumsticks At Home

[Editor's Note: These adorable DIY ice cream cones are just big enough for about three bites of sweet goodness. Making the cones is as easy as putting a panini press to work! I love this inventive idea for a dessert that would be fun to enjoy on any day, but would be especially great for a party. --Genie] ...more
These look delish!more

Amaretto Ice Cream With Liquor Poached Pecans and Hazelnut Swirl

My baby sister, Caitlin, turned twenty one this past weekend.  Being the youngest of four girls, we three elders knew that we had to pull out all the stops for her coming of age celebration....more

We're having such crazy hot weather (even hotter than usual) this summer, that all I want is ice ...more

Five-Minute Grapefruit Gelato

[Editor's Note: For those who don't have an ice cream maker, but still want a creamy, frozen dessert made from scratch right at home, this is a dream come true. Quick to assemble, it provides a tart-sweet treat after just a night in the freezer. You can trust this mother-daughter blogger pair: it really is almost a miracle. --Genie] ...more

I've already copied and pasted the recipe. It is just too good to pass up. And since we already ...more

Whiskey and Spiced Walnut Ice Cream

Liquor is crafted and aged with the sole purpose of creating intense depth of flavor. This flavor has to shine above the potential burn of the alcohol. Therefore it is the perfect ingredient to add “intense depth of flavor” to any dish....more
This looks delicious!!more

Philadelphia Style Vanilla Ice Cream

[Editor's Note: I have yet to try making a custard-based ice cream in my ice cream maker, so this Philadelphia-style recipe intrigued me. It still requires a bit of cooking (and a long chilling time for the cream—definitely make this the day ahead, if possible), but it's a step down from trying to incorporate egg yolks to the mix. --Genie] ...more

Ice Cream Sundaes: A Treat for Birthdays and Beyond

Today's my birthday, and as it approaches every year, I spend a surprising amount of time deciding how best to celebrate it. (OK, to be fair, those who have been my friends for years would not be surprised at the amount of time I spend...not in the least...) My celebrations always involve food, and since I became of age, most certainly involve drink, but because I am a summer birthday girl, they also often, somehow, involve ice cream. And when I was a kid celebrating my birthday, that ice cream arrived, most often, in the form of a sundae....more

First of all happy belated birthday!!! I fondly remember Farrell's, I celebrated quite a few of ...more

Magic, One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

We’re having a bit of a sweets problem around here. I’m pretty sure I emerged from the womb with an obsession for sugary treats (wonder how I got to weigh 260 pounds?) and even with Weight Watchers as a constant in my life, I have yet to conquer it. Instead I aim simply to manage it, to make sure that the sweets I eat are a) worth the calories, and b) made with top-quality ingredients....more

Sounds so simple and yummy (though I'm sure the baby would also love a little chocolate sauce!) ...more

Watermelon-Basil Sorbet

[Editor's Note: I could eat watermelon every day of the summer, and I love making watermelon salads with mint and basil. This refreshing frozen take on some of my favorite summer flavors is a delicious option for those looking for a non-dairy option during our Month of Ice Cream celebration. And that kick of vodka? Just makes it that much more of an adult treat. -Genie] Wordless Weekend: Watermelon-Basil Sorbet ...more
Never been tried this. I must now! Yum!more