Pumpkin Time!

It's a rare thing that I accept a picture book for review, but when the pitch for Pumpkin Time, by...more

Brendan Gleeson, John Michael McDonagh Talk ‘Calvary’

“Cavalry,” John Michael McDonagh’s new bleak, comic drama, begins with a good-hearted Irish priest, Father James (Brendan Gleeson) giving confession to an anonymous voice who tells the priest he is going to murder him in a week. This is revenge for years of sexual abuse the confessor suffered from pedophile priests; the murder only has meaning, the confessor says, if the victim is a blameless, good priest. In the seven days he has to settle his affairs, Father James confronts an oddball assortment of sinners in the rural village, set in Sligo, on Ireland’s West Coast ....more

Posting Camera Photos to Instagram Using Evernote

I love posting my phone’s photos to Instagram but I also have a very nice camera and have always wanted to post those photos to Instagram too. I’ve checked out a few posts about how to do this but they all sounded too complicated or involve The Cloud*. Today I discovered an easy way to do this by using Evernote, a program I’ve been using for some time now ....more

Lee Da Hae Posts Sweet Wedding Pics with Lee Dong Wook as Hotel King Wraps Up

Hotel King is one of those dramas where I watched two episodes and bailed. It wasn’t beyond terrible but was bad enough that even the reunion OTP of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae wasn’t enough to keep me … Continue reading → ...more

Movie Review: Hercules

EDITORS: Buy this review and photo gallery in our Editorial Shop! Reel Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Reels MPAA Rating:...more

Comic-Con: Fierce, Fearless, Fantastic ‘Women Who Kick Ass’!

Katey Sagal, Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, Nicole Beharie and Maisie Williams at the Comic-Con 2014 Women Who Kick Ass Panel Although the lines are longer at Comic-Con for men, the women have been ramping up their presence in the world of comics, video games, action, adventure and ass-kicking for a while now. Last year, Entertainment Weekly began to curate a panel of kick-ass females in film and TV to discuss their roles and their lives as fierce, fearless and fantastic women. Interestingly enough, the women on this year’s panel revealed that it’s the fear that actually drives them forward ....more

Classy Cool Jeon Ji Hyun Models Bags for Rouge and Lounge Summer 2014 Collection

I’ve always loved Jeon Ji Hyun so it’s nice to see a new generation of K-drama watchers discover her anew after she spent over a decade doing exclusively K-movies. When one plays hard-to-get for the television producers, her grand return … Continue reading → ...more