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favorite song friday:

I've had this ear worm in my head on and off for a day. I love its laid-back, upbeat vibe. As ear worms go, it's not a bad one to have, or as the song goes, "Not A Bad Thing." In lieu of an in-performance video, a supposed "true story" When Harry Met Sally-like short film has been made to the song, about an unknown young couple whose proposal was seen on a New York City subway train ....more

Great Read and Yummy Recipes

Sadie Hoffmiller has always liked things to be just so. A place for everything and everything in its place. Order over chaos. And of all things Sadie should be able to control, her own wedding is at the top of the list....more

Written and Video Preview for Episode 22 of In A Good Way

I can sense interest in waning for In a Good Way, which is a shame since this drama remains as good as it’s ever been, and also because I know how rare of a beast it is. Just looking at … Continue reading → ...more

Yet more crying at the movies this summer

The trailer is out for the upcoming adaptation of Gayle Forman's 2009 YA novel If I Stay. I considered reviewing it, but I'm not into tearjerkers, and the allure of the central question (would the comatose heroine choose to survive, or join her family in death?) was somewhat lessened by the fact that I heard there was going to be a sequel (Where She Went). Anyway, the trailer looks okay, I guess ....more

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bring Back all the 4th Prince-Ruo Xi Feels for Bu Bu Jing Qing

Goodness does the production for Bu Bu Jing Qing really know how to milk the Bu Bu Jing Xin feels. I freaking love this new drama poster! As the long-awaited sorta-sequel gets ready to premiere next Tuesday April 22nd, the … Continue reading → ...more


An author over at The Atlantic recently pointed out that's data-mining techniques seem to have inadvertently created a recommended-purchase list that serves as a helpful guide to setting up your own drug-dealing kit. (Buying a digital caliper? Amazon wants you to remember that you might also be in need of an Air Tight Odorless Medical Jar Herb Stash Medicine Container!) Several inappropriate jokes immediately leapt to mind regarding Amazon's "fulfillment centers", but I'm trying to suppress them ....more

Don't Mess With My Scandal

Beware I am venting.  I am officially tired of the “what if Scandal… ” scenarios. What if President Grant was Black? What if Kerry Washington played Mellie and a White actress played Olivia Pope? Would Black women still watch in earnest?Just.Stop.It....more

What's So Bad About Needing A Man? Kirsten Dunst, Gender Roles And "Frozen."

 Last weekend I finally sat down to watch "Frozen."  I've always been a fan of the Disney princess movie and after all of the fantastic reviews, I was psyched to watch it with my 22 year-old daughter; a born and raised Disney princess herself....more

TV Chosun’s period drama Into the Fire prepares for (delayed) premiere

Choi Su-jong’s new historical drama, Into the Fire (or Into the Flames), was to start this Friday, but the premiere has been pushed back due to coverage of the ferry tragedy and out of respect for the families of the missing. It’s a bit of a wonder that TV Chosun, the cable channel on which Into the Fire will air, was able to land an actor of Choi Su-jong’s caliber for this project, but the star is said to have taken on the drama because of an opportunity to send a message. The actor said, “After finishing a difficult sageuk, I had such a hard time and I swore I would never do another ....more

G-Tunes: Blitz the Ambassador ft. Nneka – ‘Love on the Run’

The post G-Tunes: Blitz the Ambassador ft. Nneka – ‘Love on the Run’ appeared first on GangStarr Girl Blitz the Ambassador tapped his African sistren Nneka to provide adlibs on his latest single, “Love on the Run,” from his upcoming album Afropolitan Dreams (Available April 28th). The instrumentation (driven by horns and guitar as per the usual Blitz), Nneka’s flirty falsetto and Blitz’s clever rhymes make this worth...more