Writers@Work: From Blog to Book by Barbara Mahany

27 January 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, What obstacles will you have to overcome this year to finish writing and revising your book? I’m looking for your toughest blocks—so I can address how to overcome them in a very special Write Now! Mastermind class (to be held Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 12:00 PM CT) ....more

Dangerous voices, Rae Carson

In the midst of all insanity I love taking time to immerse myself into the fictional world of stories. I love books, and I love reading. There is nothing in this world that gives me more peace, and joy than a good story does, especial when I can feel the paper of the book, when I can look at it's cover, smell the fresh printed sheets, and feel the weight in my hands....more

<i>All Fall Down</i>, by Ally Carter

It pains me to say this, but All Fall Down is one of Ally Carter's weaker efforts. I have no doubt things will improve as the series progresses, but so far things are only fair-to-middling on... well, almost every front ....more

Ji Jin Hee is Imposing and Gu Hye Sun Cries Prettily in New Promos for Blood

It’s a reality that sometimes things look better merely by comparison. Like that slice of store pizza turned down at lunch which suddenly looks like a feast in hindsight when dinner is a microwave frozen entree. Ji Jin Hee has … Continue reading → ...more

Review on Born Again on the Mountain, The Story of Losing everything and Finding it Back

Arunima 'Sonu' Sinha became the first amputee from India and the first female amputee from the world to climb the highest peak in the world, the Mount Everest when she achieved this feat in 2013. Back in 2011, she was a National Level Volleyball player from Indian who was pushed out of a running train by a gang of thieves when she resisted them. She fell motionless on the track when another train passed over her leg resulting in amputation below the knee. ...more

Top Ten Tuesday – The First Rule of Book Club…

is find one? I don’t have a book club. I wouldn’t have time to go if I did ....more

Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba: History Makers

Last night at the SAG Awards, Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba made history. By being the only two black women to win the lead actress awards in the same night! Viola won Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series, "How To Get Away with Murder" and Uzo won the Best Lead Actress in Comedy Series, "Orange is the New Black".  This marks a new era in SAG History. Prior to their wins, very few women of color have been nominated for these awards. But, three winners have all come from shows created by Shonda Rhimes. The first ones to win came from "Grey's Anatomy". ...more

New on Netflix: February 2015 – House of Cards, Magic City, Mako Mermaids & Shailene Woodley

The big news for Netflix in February is that “House of Cards” season three hits the streaming service on Feb. 27. Not only is this Emmy-winning series wonderful in every way, but Kevin Spacey just won a Golden Globe for his stellar performance as corrupt politician Francis Underwood ....more

Tap Legends The Nicholas Brothers Honored in Tribute

The Alex Theatre in Glendale, California, went back in time Sunday night to celebrate one of tap dancing’s greatest acts. Fayard and Harold Nicholas, better known as the Nicholas Brothers, stand for class, flash, and tremendous high energy in tap dance, with their formal tuxes, their elegant hands, and their explosive leaps and splits. As last night’s tribute reminded us, they transcended race to become two of the genre’s most-loved talents ....more

21-day Kindness Challenge, days 17 & 18: gratitude/saying “no”

Day seventeen of the challenge involved listing ten things you’re grateful for, and honestly I can think of way more than ten off the top of my head, from the silly to the serious: access to clean water, abundant food, my cats, freedom to read what I want without repercussions (education, especially for women, is […] ...more