Alice Ke is Sultry Red and White for Miss Modern Look Magazine (2 comments)

Taiwan actresses are by-and-large way more natural still than their Korean counterparts. I haven’t seen a lot of plastic surgery to the degree that seems to be dominating Korea in the last decade, and for that I am actually way … Continue reading → ...more

Lauren Conrad Purchases Brentwood Estate

Former reality TV star Lauren Conrad has purchased an estate in Brentwood for $3,745,000. The newly remodeled 4,303 square foot, 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom traditional home was built in 1959 and features a chef’s kitchen with white marble countertops and stainless steel appliances, a master suite, dark hardwood floors, multiple fireplaces, a large patio, a [...] ...more

One Direction 'This Is Us' 3-D Movie Poster, Made Entirely Of Fan Photos!

Have you ever wanted to be like, "Sorry guys! I'm playing hooky from work today to spend the afternoon making a montage of One Direction's faces!" Oh, you have?? US TOO! Sadly, we haven't gotten up the guts to ask our boss for the time off, but we might not have to since 1D's brand-new movie poster for their forthcoming 3-D film, "This Is Us," already did the job for us! Kind of...except they forgot to include OUR FACES!...more

Celebrities Praise Boston’s Finest on Twitter

Twitter experienced an avalanche of congratulatory messages after the apprehension of 19-year-old terrorist suspect Dzhokar Tsamaev Friday night. The praise began shortly after Boston Police tweeted, “CAPTURED!!!  The hunt is over.  The search is done.  The terror is over.  And justice has won.  Suspect in Custody.” Boston Fire Department followed up with: “Pause for a [...] ...more

Nicole Eggert Hurt While Attempting High Dive on ‘Splash’

The new reality show ‘Splash’ is proving to be quite dangerous.  Former ‘Baywatch’ star Nicole Eggert is the latest celebrity contestant to sustain an injury while attempting a high dive. On Thursday night’s show Nicole botched her high dive while attempting to do multiple black-flips.  The dive went south and she ended up crashing into [...] ...more

After a gloomy week, music and kindess helped

In light of the horrifying events that continue to develop in Boston, I feel the need to send my love to Boston and my friends who are in lockdown there: Lee & her family, Sandi, Jennifer, Marina & family.  I send you my love and anxiously await news that you and everyone in that gorgeous city, and in the town of Watertown, are safe and able to go about your normal lives again. In response to such anxiety, I also want to share with you a moment of kindness and inspiration. Two things you need to know:...more

Kim Jae-won, Lee Bo-young consider new SBS drama

The beauty of Dramabeans is that I know I won’t be the only one who laughs first upon hearing that Kim Jae-won’s next drama possibility is titled I Hear Your Voice. Will his next drama title continue the conversation and reply, Yes, But Can You Also Hear My Thoughts? ...more