Usher to Michelle Chamuel: ‘We Got This’

During the final evening of competition on season four of the NBC hit singing competition ‘The Voice,’ Usher Raymond declared his protege Michelle Chamuel “the winner.” Shakira seemed to agree, “Your energy is contagious.  You’re extraordinary.  You’re needed out there, as an artist.” Coach Blake Shelton was kind but saved his best praise for his [...] ...more

When Your Child Says He's not a "Sports Kid"

It's Summer, and like thousands of other Moms out there, all I want to do is open the front door and say to my kids, "go outside and play."&nbs...more

5 Things I Want to Tell Nigella Lawson

On Sunday, photos were published showing celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being grabbed on the throat by her husband. The photos splashed over the internet showed him holding her by the throat and her leaving the restaurant in tears. It should come as no surprise that this story caught my attention. Ten years working with women escaping domestic violence leaves its mark on a person. I will always be a victim advocate even if I am no longer in the field....more
To all of the women out there that are suffering abuse, either physical or mental take it from ...more

Kelly Clarkson Meets Cinderella in Paris

Kelly Clarkson was rocking a princess crown when she hooked up with Cinderella at Disneyland Paris on Tuesday. The singer-songwriter peeked through a carriage window in one photo and mimicked the hand gestures of Cinderella while posing for a panoramic view of the stage. The 2002 ‘American Idol’ winner is getting set to kick off [...] ...more

Fast and Fun Second Trailer for Goddess of Marriage Ramps Up the Excitement

The upcoming weekend family drama Goddess of Marriage is finally releasing substantive material about its subject matter and tone and I’m getting more and more excited the more I see. The network finally released the script reading stills from last … Continue reading → ...more

Lil Wayne Stomps On American Flag: VIDEO

Rapper Lil Wayne has many American’s disgusted after a controversial film clip from his ‘God Bless Amerika’ music video shoot went viral on YouTube. The footage, captured by a bystander with a cell phone, shows the rapper stomping on an American flag during filming in his hometown of New Orleans. He started out by rapping [...] ...more

Giving Into Suda 51’s Insanity

Goichi Suda, known to many as Suda 51, has quickly become one of my favorite developers. The games he produces are filled with absolutely insane ideas, tons of referential humor and some really unique gameplay. The latest creation from this insane mind, Killer is Dead, has grabbed my attention even without knowing what to expect from the game ....more

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Together Again

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne are back under the same roof after splitting several months ago – a positive sign that the heavy metal vocalist is getting his act together. The couple attended the Daytime Emmy Awards over the weekend and locked lips for photographers.  It appears they are in a much better [...] ...more

Time Fall: An intriguing Action/Adventure with a twist

 To Read Interview with Tim Ashby go to:   Review  ...more