Check Out Chinese Artist Ai WeiWei’s Stacked Bicycle Exhibition

Sometimes I don’t really get art, but if there’s a story behind it like Chinese artist Ai WeiWei’s story, then it has more of an impact on me. I can see how the artwork is impacting an entire nation of people ....more

XBLA Weekly: January 23, 2013

Welcome back from the two-week absence of XBLA Weekly. It’s been quiet in the downloadable world of XBLA for a few weeks since the release of Retro City Rampage. This week finally brings us a new game and a little bit of news from Microsoft. From the minds of Double Fine and Ron Gilbert, Xbox Live Arcade brings to us The Cave that The Married Gamers brought news of last week. See the character trailer below: ...more

The Fence

post by Lynn ...more

Jung So Min Attends Japan Fan Meeting of Bad Guy Co-star Kim Nam Gil (1 comments)

Woah, these are two former drama co-stars I never thought to see together in any capacity again. Kim Nam Gil held a series of fan meetings in Japan in early January and his Bad Guy co-star Jung So Min was … Continue reading → ...more

Adele’s Baby Name Revealed on her Necklace: Report

Adele has been in Los Angeles for an extended visit after picking up an award for Best Song at the 2013 Golden Globes last week for her movie theme single ‘Skyfall.’ During a red carpet interview the singer was reluctant to discuss her infant son or reveal his name.  She said, “It’s too personal and [...]The post Adele’s Baby Name Revealed on her Necklace: Report appeared first on Bitten and Bound ....more

Why do I Watch this Crap? Ode to The Bachelor

Okay, as much as I hate to admit this, once again I've been sucked in to watching "The Bachelor"....more

'The Feminine Mystique' at 50: Have You Read It?

The New York Times' Gail Collins has a great piece out today which puts Betty Friedan's landmark 1963 book The Feminine Mystique into not only the context of the era, but in ours as well. "When The Feminine Mystique emerged in 1963, it created a reaction so intense that Friedan could later write another book about the things women said to her about the first one (It Changed My Life)," Collins ...more

Oscarbait 2012: Silver Linings

  Silver Linings Playbook earns its ending in a way few movies do, let alone recent ones. The film concentrates on something that's usually treated as a simple waypoint in other movie journeys: finding a way to peek your head out from behind the Sisyphean boulder, even when all the signs suggest you should continue to hide. The boulder causes continuous crushing pain, but at least it's pain you're familiar with ....more