Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 7 Recap (17 comments)

If my reaction to Cheongdamdong Alice was a reflection on its quality, this episode might have sucked donkey balls because I fell asleep watching it. But that is a feint, I tell you. The reality was that I was so … Continue reading → ...more

I Miss You gets a special but no extension

Hm, I was rather expecting MBC to give I Miss You an extension, and MBC execs have confirmed that they did give the matter some thought, but ultimately they’ve decided to nix the idea. The drama will end on Episode 20 as originally planned. ...more

The Power of Storytelling

As the end of the year approaches I find myself thinking a lot about stories -- the stories I've told, the stories I've read, and the stories that all of you have shared with us. As I reflect on all the stories that I connected to in 2012, and wonder what stories I'll hear in 2013, I keep coming back to Litlove's post on the power of stories. Inspired after hearing two authors speak, she reflects on the ways that we use -- and abuse -- storytelling....more
@Karen Ballum Lina Srivastava also wrote a very thought provoking post on the power of ...more

Aibu Saki Pairs with Oguri Shun and Mukai Osamu for J-move Version of Gossip Girl (7 comments)

I’m truly baffled by Aibu Saki‘s career in J-ent. She’s an okay actress and pretty enough, but definitely not the usual sweet faced ingenue nor is she the hot and bitchy type that gets all the guys excited. Yet she … Continue reading → ...more

Not Equal Yet – Not Even Close

It’s almost 2013 and close to four years after the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law. Surely, the gender wage gap has been closed, right? Wrong ....more

Weekend Linkup

Welcome to the Write on Edge Weekend Link Up. If you’re a regular, you know the drill ....more

What to Expect American Idol Season 12

American Idol Season 12 starts on Fox January 16, 2013. Having watched the show for so many seasons, we know that the Idol producers will try to keep us entertained with “great’ cuts of the most “awesome” moments. Season 11 they seemed to have cut down on all the ear popping more than horrible auditions. [...] ...more

Kelly Osbourne Covers Cosmopolitan Body: PHOTOS

‘Fashion Police’ co-host Kelly Osbourne has maintained her 69 lb. weight loss, as evidenced by the latest cover of Cosmopolitan Body magazine. During her Cosmo interview the 28-year-old said, “Working out is not fun, I’m not going to lie and say it is. I sweat my arse off and I’m miserable for the hour that [...] ...more

merry go round and round

The kid got a ride a a merry-go-round the other day. It was custom made, with a Florida theme — besides horses, there was also a heron, a flamingo, a sea turtle, an alligator, and a Florida panther. ...more