back to school

Fifth grade ?!?Time sure flies. The kid is super-excited about going back to school, being a fifth grader, a safety patrol, and seeing all her friends. I'm a little less excited about early mornings, but can't help but smile at her enthusiasm and hope it rubs off on me a little bit.Here we go .. ....more

Death of a Celebrity

Most times, when I hear of a celebrity death, I feel a vague sort of sadness. A little sorrow at a wasted life if it's got something to do with drugs. It's sort of a passing emotion - like you'd feel for an innocent stranger as you pass a fatal car accident - and I don't dwell on it. ...more

Thank you Mo-Ne Davis or why not every little girl wants to be a princess and that's okay.

My daughter, Moira is not a princess.She is not into pink. She does not like dresses.  She prefers sports, jerseys, and cleats to ballet, tutus and party shoes.  She is a sporty girl.  ...more

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading This Week?

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!! Do I sound excited? For a Monday? ...more

Aaron Yan Delivers a Final Dose of Fanservice at the Fall in Love With Me Wrap Party

There will be a day where Aaron Yan fanservice isn’t enough to keep a drama afloat. That day may have arrived already towards the end of the just completed drama Fall in Love with Me which aired the last episode … Continue reading → ...more

What I Read on Vacation

As much as I love reading, it can be difficult to do all that much of it very often.  Generally, vacation is prime time for me to check off a few of the books on my list, and this year was no exception....more

Why are most famous female singers proud to be naked?

A few weeks ago the British singer, Lily Allen uploaded a picture from her US tour to her Instagram account. Not such an exciting thing to report about, but the thing is that the picture she uploaded was of her singing on stage while her right boob was picking from her outfit. The title she gave to the picture was “Whoops” and it got more than 45,000 likes, not talking about the entire media buzz it made. ...more

It's Monday! The Weekend Reading Recap

You guys! I took another little mini-staycation this past week, and I feel GOOD! My husband and I both took vacation from work on Thursday and Friday ....more

Jimmy, Tina and Justin (and James)

By Rich I've never been a hero worshiper. I didn't have posters on my walls of famous people, I didn't wait for hours in line to get their autographs and I didn't get into fights with anyone about why person 1 was better than their inferior person 2. Maybe it was just my nature as a child or the fact I watched too much Saturday morning television.Now people I admire -- there have been many of them throughout the years, and they have changed as I've gotten older ....more

Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo Give in to Their Temptation as the Drama Switches Up the Couples

I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the SBS Mon-Tues melodrama Temptation. It’s rounded the corner from the first half of its run and narratively everything is all shaken up. Whether a particular viewer likes the way things are unfolding depends on how … Continue reading → ...more