New Orleans: Fell for the Food First

This was not our first meal, but it was close to this. Quite the shock for the Wyoming girl. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.Our first meal in New Orleans was at Taco Bell.The hubs is still mortified by this....more

game of thrones ... impressions

Game of Thrones finally did last night in "Sons of the Harpy" what I never thought it could do — make me kinda like Stannis. The scene between Stannis and his daughter Shireen was informative and, strangely, sweet. And another hint as to some potential Stone Men action before the season ends (look out Jorah Mormont, that's all I'm saying) ....more

Mayday! April's Over?!

Post by Jenny...more

The Good Wife Recap: Don’t Fail – 6×21

So good-wifers, it’s an interesting new episode of “The Good Wife,” as we get back to basics: trying a case in court. Perhaps taking a page from Serial, the fascinating, popular podcast that captured everyone’s attention last fall, this episode focuses on one pre-trial motion rehashing a case from six years ago. No political races, no silly email scandals, not even a secondary storyline ....more

April 2015 in Books

After several months of hit and miss, I finally feel like I had a pretty solid reading month. I might've failed miserably at the 15 books in 30 days (#15in30) challenge I issued myself, but that was something I thought might happen given all the things I had going on in April. Nevertheless, the personal challenge still helped boost my reading, and I may revisit the challenge in May ....more

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading This Week?

Look familiar? It should! It is exactly what I was reading LAST week ....more

Carey Mulligan Talks ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ and Strong Female Roles

Carey Mulligan at a press junket for “Far From the Madding Crowd” | Hosoki Nobuhiro Photo Carey Mulligan took time off last week from her duties in the Broadway revival of David Hare’s 1995 drama, “Skylight,” to promote her new film, “Far From the Maddening Crowd,” based on the 1874 Thomas Hardy novel. In “Skylight,” for which Mulligan just earned a Tony nomination, the English actress plays Kyra, a teacher in an urban London school who struggles to be independent and lead a life of purpose when her former, much older lover, a wealthy restaurateur (Bill Nighy), tries to worm his way back into her life after his wife dies. In “Far From the Madding Crowd,” Mulligan plays Bathsheba Everdene, a country girl who inherits her uncle’s farm, and takes a crash course in how to shear sheep, plant crops and run a manor ....more

Falling for Innocence: Episode 9

For all the adorable and loving moments we get on this show, it should really be called Falling for Min-ho. I’ll never grow tired of watching our hero acting like a lovesick puppy around the girl who makes him go weak at the knees. While he may question where those feelings are coming from, he’s certain of how they will continue to shape him into the man he’s becoming ....more