Tinsel & Tine has a REALLY great GIVEAWAY! The BEST we've EVER had! You can win tickets to THE MARVEL EXPERIENCE coming to Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia) June 19th - July 5th....more

Looking for reviews? Here are some tips

So, you have a new book or product and you want to promote it fast.Here are some hints for finding reviewers who are willing to review your item for you.I am going to start with some basic etiquette rules to follow for finding and keeping those reviewers.  1) No generic email subjects!Do not write "hi" or "how's it going" or any other generic nonsense in the subject line!People are busy and when they check email, they glance first at the sender, then at the subject line. Generic subject lines often end up in the trash unread....more

Dear Consignment Stores, you are not that special.

Dear Consignment Stores,I am not sure if you are aware of this, but you are NOT an upscale boutique on the lovely streets of Hollywood or even a trendy shop in Manhattan.  Your odd painted sign that has to tell people you are an “Upscale boutique” shouldn’t be necessary if you actually were one.  No… you are a shabby shop in a small town that sells used clothes.  Are you aware of this?  I am not sure you are… since the price tag on those worn jeans and odd-looking grandma shirts clearly was not for the average shopper....more

Book of the Month: My Salinger Year

Author: Joanna RakoffGenre: MemoirLength: 250 pagesRating: 5 of 5 stars ...more

Why She Wrote KEIR

Let me count the ways...Back in August 2009, I was bored. I was miserable. I felt that, as an individual I’d ceased to exist, other than being a mother and a wife. I had no idea who or what else I was or could be. I’d really lost myself....more

Kid Lit Concierge

It's the end of May, which means that the public library's summer reading program is just one week away.  Our awesome public library is kind enough to include adults in the fun, and I'm excited to start logging my reading hours alongside the boys on my grown-up form, even though we all know most of my books will be from the children's section.  A few years ago, I won a library coffee mug.  A vessel that encompasses my ...more

Top ten reasons I love Garden Spells...

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since my last post (again), and it's more to do with the nice weather this time around. (Finally!) Yet I've almost finished Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, and I'm in love… Here is my top ten reasons why, followed by my more formal book discussion questions!...more

What is your NBA playoff motto…I am "All In!"

I'm All In... NBA Every season each team in the NBA comes up with their own motto for the playoffs. They usually make a video and set it to some music. The purpose: to pump up the fans of course. Now social media has taken it to another level; these are the new hashtags to unite the fan base. One of the most famous past Cleveland Cavaliers' mottos was Witness back before LeBron left. This year the Cavaliers' motto is "All In" with the hashtags AllIn and AllinCle.  ...more