5 Books Under $10 to Boost Your Camp NaNoWriMo Experience

     As you may know, I am getting ready to write a novel in 30 days. I get a little queasy every time I think about writing 1,700 words every day into a coherent story over the course of the month of April. To help myself get pumped up, I have located several resources that I will draw on to help me get through and be declared a winner....more

Redefining Bravery for Abuse: The Cinderella Story

This is not a post about Disney, or Cinderella, or the movie that I haven't seen. This is a post about a post, by a mom who wants to explain "What Cinderella Teaches Girls About Abuse." To paraphrase, she says that the movie teaches girls that the answer to all of life's problems is to be kind, even when that means sacrificing your very self....more
Shannon Drury Thank you for reading!more

Dorks will be offended by this post. Consider yourselves warned.

The other day, while out for coffee, my friend uttered a sentence that should never have been uttered.“Ooh! The new Hobbit movie is coming out on DVD!”I think the look I shot her was akin to the following:Um… What?Just… NO.What about my personality suggests I would have any interest what-so-ever in the new Hobbit movie?...more

The Psyche of a Rebellious Teen: What Parents Just Don't Understand But Need to Know by Jamila T. Davis

   Title: She's All Caught Up!Author: Jamila T. DavisPublisher: Voices International PublicationPages: 338Genre: Memoir/Young Adult...more

Understanding the Economic Basics and Modern Capitalism by Dan Blatt

  Title: Understanding the Economic Basics and Modern Capitalism...more

It’s All In The Timing: Sending Out the Highlight Video

Chances you have taken the time spent the money and have created a highlight video to use as a marketing tool to the college coaches.    Often parents along with their talented athletes create a preliminary list of schools and send the highlight video out in a mass mailing.  Then they wait. Nothing happens, they wait a little more. ...more

How Music Made Our Mornings FUN!

Lilu and I have always bonded over music.  Ever since she could talk, we have made time during every day to sing and dance to our “jams” (generally super-cheesy 80’s music.)...more

INTO THE WOODS Emerges on Bluray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on March 24th: Talking with James Lapine

Stage director, filmmaker, playwright, and screenwriter – James Lapine clearly is a man of pure talent. The musical Into the Woods began here in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre in 1986 from the book by James Lapine and included lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Combining the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Cinderella and others take viewers on a music journey with songs like “Hello, Little Girl” sung by the Big Bad Wolf, “A Very Nice Prince” sung by Cinderella and “Giants in the Sky” sung by Jack to name a few. ...more

INTO THE WOODS comes to Bluray: Talking with Lilla Crawford

Coming to Bluray this week packed with amazing bonus features comes the wildly fun INTO THE WOODS. Lilla Crawford portrayed Little Red Riding Hood and is also known for her 2012 Broadway revival of ANNIE. From commercial to theatre, Crawford has kept herself busy but also supports the Broadway Cares Equality Fights Aids and Broadway Barks. I had the opportunity to speak with Lilla about the Bluray release of INTO THE WOODS, performing in an all star cast and what’s next for the young star. Hi Lilla, thanks for joining us today. Hi, thank you so much. ...more

4 Great Parenting Tips from Rosie Pope

My co-blogger and I (over at Mommy Business) had the opportunity to FaceTime with ROSIE POPE last week and she is all kinds of awesome. Like, I want to have her over for tea and let our kids make messy artwork once a week awesome. She is sweet and genuine and really REAL about being a mom and an entrepreneur. If you don’t know who Rosie is, check her out here....more