Inducted into a Plethora of Problems

It has been a few weeks since I have published any fiction.  Today I am participating in this week's Words for Wednesday Word Prompt challenge. I hope you enjoy this little vignette. ...more

I just invented a new game: FACEBOOK BINGO

I win almost every day. Anyone else want to play? ...more
Denise haha! YAY! :) I almost won today.more

Oldest Natural Pearl Girls!

 The oldest Natural Pearl ever found was unearthed at a Neolithic site in Arabia by researchers from the French Foreign Ministry back in 2012. I think this pearl's survival story is worthy of a second mention in October 2014!...more


One of the marketing strategies to get more information about your child out to the coaches is to create a highlight video.  The highlight video gives the coach an opportunity to see your child’s skill level and technique....more

Not Your Average PowderPuffs

There's a longstanding joke amongst my friends that I'm the President of The Mob Society - Mothers Of Boys.I have three. Ten, eight, and not-quite-two, they all have two speeds, a hundred miles an hour and full stop when they crash....more

'War Dogs' enthralls with tales of canine devotion and defense, from PTSD therapy to battle

Whether you love dogs, are interested in the use of canines for the military, or want to learn more about the psychology of soldiers in battle and at home, "War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love" is written for you. Author Rebecca Frankel explores every aspect of military dogs in a compelling style that will touch your heart and soul....more

Hook and Robin Williams

When I learned that Robin Williams had passed away, I was in shock. It was very sad to learn that he was struggling with depression and that nobody was able to help him. That shows us that it is a serious condition and it should not be taken lightly. I think there should be more information on this matter so people can be more aware and be able to help the ones suffering from it. Robin Williams always made me smile and that’s how I want to remember him. Read more....more

La Sultane de Saba Voyage sur la Route de Malaisie Champaka Fleurs Tropicales (2014) {Perfume Review & Musings}

There are indie brands and there is outsider art - they are not the same thing....more

Throwback Thursday

Me thinkin' that I'm all cool on the mean streets of Glendale....more

Throwback Thursday

Me thinkin' that I'm all cool on the mean streets of Glendale....more