ZIPPER-Talking with Writer & Director Mora Stephens

Coming to theatres from writer/director Mora Stephens and Alchemy comes the story of a political games and a ZIPPER. Sam Ellis (Patrick Wilson) is an up and coming federal prosecutor who wins his cases and speaks right to the people. Supported by his loving wife Jeannie (Lena Headey), he decides to run for office. Running his campaign is George Hiller (Richard Dreyfuss), a man who begins the fast paced job of seeing Sam elected to office. There is one slight problem - Sam has a problem keeping his zipper closed. ...more

Z STORM Hits Bluray!

On Bluray from writer/director David Lam and Well Go USA Entertainment is the quick paced catch ‘em fast detective work when trying to stop a Z STORM. This film tells the story of an elite group of special agents who are part of the ICAC. Led by Chief Officer Luk (Louis Koo), they begin to uncover a scheme that could take the citizens of Hong Kong for ever dime they have. ...more


TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS – DINOBOTS ROAR ONTO DVD! Jeri Jacquin Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Kids Factory and Hasbro Studios is more of the amazing TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS – DINOBOTS! Optimus Prime is training the Rescue Bots and to their surprise a Pterodactyl causes mayhem out of nowhere. The only way to discover its liar, Doc Greene tracks it to Wayward Island. A tar pit traps the Rescue Bots and only Optimus Prime can save them, but does so in a prehistoric way. ...more

Ark-Nova - World's first inflatable and mobile concert hall


Hard to pick a favorite anymore


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Episode 8: Love Sick Lost Puppy or Vindictive Stalker

Image: Via ABCBachelor In Paradise 2015 Blog and RecapThe episode starts with Joe desperately trying to figure out a way to clear his name and keep the girl. Rinse, repeat.  Watch as Joe vacillates between love sick desperate ex-boyfriend to vindictive stalker ex-boyfriend and the thin blue line between the two.  We'll break it all down in this weeks Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Blog and Recap....more

New Lifestyle Blog

I'm so excited to have launched a brand new lifestyle blog last month,

Four Reasons to Love Five Flavors of Dumb

Piper has 30 days to find her classmate's rock band, Dumb, a paying gig.  If she does it, she will be the manager and get a part of the money.  She thinks she can do it even though she doesn't know much about music because she is deaf.Why love it?A unique main character...more

The Nobel Prize in Literature through Numbers and Facts

The Nobel Prize in Literature through Numbers and FactsIf you try to find a list of the top 100 books you should read in a lifetime, you’ll hardly see Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho and Dan Brown included among the masterpieces… at least if that list was created by someone with appreciation for real literature. However, you’ll mostly likely see recommendations for several books from Nobel Prize winners. Have you ever wondered how this prize deserved such an eminent status among writers and readers?...more

Buying at art fairs- don't be fooled

This article is written for all of you folks who like to attend art festivals because you enjoy handmade art and like to support artists.Art festivals are a lot of fun for attendees. They used to be kind of few and far between but now it seems that just about every weekend you can find an art and or craft festival somewhere. September and October seem to be prime months for art festivals with people returning from summer vacations out to enjoy the cooler weather. ...more