Fall Cartoon Line-Up of Years Past

Fall Cartoon Line-Up of Years Past Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.  ~Arthur Rimbaud...more

Five Ways Florence Gordon Will Surprise You

At seventy-five Florence Gordon,  a self-proclaimed "old feminist", begins gathering her past work and thoughts into a memoir. Despite her hesitations, Florence enlists her granddaughter Emily, caught in limbo on a break from college, to help research and keep things organized....more

My Summer in Numbers

My Summer in Numbers  Well, the end is nigh, the evenings are drawing in and the morning is less retina-startinglingly bright. I don't know about you but I've had a tremendous summer and what better way to celebrate it than with a numerical list of cool stuff in no particular order?1. Accidental and drunken fringe cut (and actually, I love it!)...more

Up in Smoke -The SSL Review

So, just since I watched Felix the Cat, Netflix suggested I watch Up in Smoke, and I thought why not? I'd never seen it. Cheech and Chong. It's a classic, right? It was kinda funny. It would probably be a lot funnier if it was 35 years ago, ya know? Things lose their bite with age and imitation....more

Eatin' A Lady Out: You're Doin' It Wrong

Recently, I was hanging with some friends. We'd just finished dinner and some drinks, and walked back to one of their houses to hang on the porch...and check out the bags of Playboys from the 80's and 90's that had recently been found and saved from a dumpster. Super awesome time, my friends, super awesome time.Here is a question and answer from The Playboy Advisor in the March 1995 issue (page 36): ...more

Sophia Wallace - Your Cliteracy Campaign Is So On Point, My Mind Is Blown

A friend sent me a link to this Huffington Post article called "Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris" I was like, cool - I'll check that out. I was really, really glad I did, but it took me a minute to fall madly in love....more

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling - The Orgasm Equality Set

I started noticing Ryan Gosling more in movies. I loved him in Drive and in the recently SSL reviewed Only God Forgives....more

Beauty Queen of Only Eighteen…

When I was in high school, my mother asked if it would be ok if she entered me into the Ms. Polonia contest. I had no idea what this meant, but I knew that she had once been a contestant in her teenage years, and I was proud to carry on the tradition. She also explained it would mean a great deal to my grandfather, Charlie Russek, who was a member of the Port Washington Polish Club, who would be thrilled to say his granddaughter was a contestant....more