FF - I heart The X-Files

They're baa-aack...And yes, technically Carol Anne and crew are also back (although our favorite spooky child is now named Madison), but I'm talking about the spectacular spookiness that launched a thousand 'shippers....more

True Detective Season 2 ...June Can't Get Here Soon Enough

  Vince Vaughn, among others, will be returning to HBO in True Detective this June. I am beyond excited....more

FX has a new comedy THE COMEDIANS: Talking with Josh Gad

Once again FX is bringing serious comedy to the hungry masses and this time Josh Gad and Billy Crystal team up to bring The Comedians that premiers this Thursday night at 10 p.m. Gad has shot to stardom because everyone is in love with his vocal performance as Olaf in the Disney hit FROZEN. His career is actually quite amazing and once I inform you of all he has done his face will seem even more familiar. ...more

life on the porch - tips and stuff

 Hey Homies! Let's talk about all things porch. I love it out here. This is where I live now. This porch. Eat, drink, read, and sometimes sleep, so yes, I'm a porch dweller. Dude, you can not blame me.  I'm sitting in that chair right now as I write this up....more

Why buy when you can borrow?

I still remember learning the Dewey Decimal System in elementary school.  I started my research papers with a trip to the card catalog.  Like me, your local library has grown up a lot over the past few decades.  My family relies on the local library system for free entertainment....more

How to get Festival Ready Skin!

That’s right, music festival season is upon us and next up is COACHELLA-ELLA – ELLA (sorry Rihanna takes over at times)!  Anyway, before maxing our credit cards at the mall and liquor stores, let’s not forget a very important layer – OUR SKIN! As if liquor isn’t enough to dehydrate you, imagine being in the desert with hundreds of partygoers. Dehydration is a HUGE problem at Coachella!...more

7 Reasons to Love The Royals on E!

 1. Princess Eleanor.What’s not to love about a princess who speaks her mind? And drinks and smokes and does drugs, too? I mean, she’s a gift to the people, really. ...more

Three Endangered Species Sculptures are Done

 I am doing a series of clay sculptures of critically endangered species, and I have now done three; The Chinese Tiger, The Chinese Giant Salamander, Baby Leatherback Turtles. I have also finished the clay work on the Eastern Lowland Gorilla. They are all headed for extinction without serious intervention. We are in the middle of a mass extinction of plants and animals in the world. To find out how to help, contact The Nature Conservancy.  Also, don't forget my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in childhood....more

13 Amazing Women's Autobiographies and Memoirs

Closing out Women’s History Month, we celebrate the stories women write about themselves, tracking their fantastic lives on paper for us to read and draw inspiration from. So here’s to writing women everywhere, your voices deserve to shape history as much as they have done and more. Love, LD. “Bossypants” by Tina Fey...more