Be careful what you dig for......more

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been meaning to make a list of a few of my favorite essentials for babies/kiddos. I finally sat down and compiled a list of products that are my go-tos and if you’re having a baby, will most likely receive from me :) ...more

My Lucky Number

If I had to pick my lucky number, it would be 6. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What a kook!” My gut feeling tells me that lucky numbers are completely ridiculous and that weighing major events heavily on the presence of certain numbers is evil or suspect ala the chilling numbers from Lost, but, seriously, many good things have happened to me involving the number 6. Although there’s no number 6 in my birth date, my childhood home contained a number 6. My mom’s birthday has a six in it, and so does my sister’s. These are minor, petty examples....more

Nonfiction Titles to Get Your Book Club Talking

I've mentioned it here before, but I strongly believe that nonfiction titles can be great for book club discussions. Sadly, they tend to get overlooked when clubs are picking out their reads. I get it....more

Steph and Riley: Why it Matters

There's a small movement toward making families the epicenter of our society again. I can feel the undercurrent of "this is no longer acceptable" as a resounding cry of those leading the charge to take back our future and make it right.  Parents have begun to say “here I am” employers, media, government… “here I am, this is me”....more

I'm doing a HUGE book giveaway!

Hi all, I am collaborating with Black Girl Nerds to do a HUGE book giveaway! That's right, I am giving away each of my three books, in both electronic and paperback format: ...more

Talk, Chat, Tweet * Gemini Sun 5/21/15!

On Thursday May 21, 2015, the Sun bounces into the fun, flirty, focus challenged, flexible, flighty third sign of the Zodiac. The natural versatility of Gemini, with its willingness to adapt, keeps the wrinkles, both mental and physical, at bay. While under its influence, we will feel encouraged, regardless of birth sign, to teach, learn, meet and greet, read and write, chat too much/gossip too much and try to be in two places at once (that Castor/Pollux, “twins” thing). And don’t forget travel, whether it be real or arm chair, the search for greener grass will be enticing....more

Photo: Vintage

Beautiful tile work on the steps of an historic downtown Oakland building, The Claridge Hotel.What historic buildings are in your town? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Feeling Myself? My Daughter Thinks Maybe Not

Watching the Feeling Myself video with my hubby. I'm telling him how I think the video is cute. My seven-year-old daughter comes behind us.Her: I don't think it's cute. Me: Well, it's not appropriate for children.Her: So you're saying it would be cute for me to do that if I was an adult?Me:Her: ...more