NFL Cheat Sheet

In the event that you are being forced to watch football these season or maybe your interest has been piqued here are someWe’ll start with the very basic to the basics that you need to know to at least hold a decent conversation when it comes to America’s favorite game....more

The Bright Side of Hackers


Foosball is the Devil

I know it comes every year, and yet… I’m never prepared for it.  It always seems to creep up out of nowhere, and I’m blindsided by the hoopla, the drama, and the never-ending chatter that comes with it.  The next few months are spent in agony, having to deal with something I have no interest in; something that takes over the lives of so many around me.  I rejoice when it’s finally over, and I spend the next few months enjoying the uninterrupted, glorious moments spent without it.  However, I know that in just a short time, it will be back....more

12 Hour ATR Ultra Plan & The Fine Art of Obsessing

Here it is less than 48 hours before my 12 Adventure Trail Run and I'm getting dangerously close to throwing a little hissy fit. I feel as if any minute now I may just fall to the floor and flail about wildly. Thank goodness I have on my yoga shorts. They make the falling and flailing so much easier. They also reduce the inevitable chaffing from such an activity....more

Hash Pipes and Ass Wipes

(I do not have permission to use this photo. However I feel that if Weezer took the time to get to know me, they would think I am amazing and be totally OK with this. If I'm wrong, guess what... Weezer would still have contacted me. Win/Win.)...more
KnowWhatlMean Perfecto! You get it!!!! Thank you! The amusing part is this.... my kids are ...more

My favorite weekend of the year: The Reno Air Races

Grumman F7F-Tigercat "La Patrona" formerly known as "El Hefe" and ALWAYS "...more

Fall is Here! Sun in Charming Libra 9/22/14

The Autumn Equinox arrives the same day as the Sun glides into Libra on Monday September 22, 2014. Relationships of all types are now in the forefront for the next few weeks - family, friends, marriages, business partners. It’s fun to be with people, to chat, flirt, cajole. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus, seeks cooperation, genial negotiations in both business and personal relationships....more

Honor - Book Review

I recently read Lyn Cote's newest book, Honor, finding it to be a quiet, easy, relaxing read. I easily read it in only a couple of days, since it was a quick, simple story, wraught with trials, devotion, love, and struggle....more