New SARFT Regulations Hit K-drama Licensing Value Hard as Hyde, Jekyll, Me Gets Lowballed

As of January 2015, the news-making discussion of how many times a K-drama has been viewed in a Chinese online streaming site or how much the licensed airing rights per episode sold for has come to a foreseeable end. Thanks … Continue reading → ...more

New Movies in Theaters: Seventh Son, Jupiter Ascending, SpongeBob & More

New movies in theaters this week feature Jeff Bridges as a mystical warrior, Mila Kunis as a cosmic royal, the New York City Ballet in a thoughtful documentary, and everyone’s favorite sponge(bob) in a brand new movie. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s opening wide in theaters this week. SEVENTH SON PG-13 for intense fantasy violence and action throughout, frightening images and brief strong language | In Theaters 2/6 (3D, 2D, IMAX) | Ok for Kids 14+ | Legendary, Universal | Reel Preview: 4.5 of 5 Reels |...more

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Twitter Quitter?

Hello, everybody! It’s February. I never thought I’d say this but, I hope the weather will be better than January’s ....more

Book Review: The Girl On The Train

If you follow ...more

Movie Version of Bu Bu Jing Xin with Ivy Chen Releases Intriguing First Teaser

Are audiences all Bu Bu Jing Xin-ed out? That’s the question that will be answered later this year when the big-budget C-movie version of the popular story hits the big screens. As a refresher – Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling … Continue reading → ...more

Spy: Episode 7

For a world where the stakes are so high for the characters that inhabit it, the current level of danger they all face is surprisingly low. It’s not like the safe delivery of one handsome secret agent will influence the already tense North-South relations or anything, right? As we learn more about Yoon-jin’s past in this episode, it turns out that the women in Sun-woo’s life share common ground with each other when it comes to Sun-woo’s safety and well-being ....more

Confession: I Love Morbid Comics

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Sunday Salon: January 2015 Reading Wrap Up!

January! You most definitely did not suck! Station Eleven, by Emily St ....more

Filming Starts on the Kim Hye Ja Lead Female-centric K-drama Unkind Women

Those bemoaning that the K-drama landscape is a wasteland of no good roles and stories for women might have be seeing a shining beacon of hope soon. Filming is underway for the upcoming Wed-Thurs KBS drama called Unkind Women which … Continue reading → ...more

Meal Plan Sunday

Sunday – Super Bowl Party!!! I’m making gluten free sausage balls. Hopefully they will be as good as glutened ones ....more