The Voice Finale Cliffs Notes: And...The...Winner...Is...

Last night, The Voice took up TWO HOURS of prime time for it's final finale (as opposed to it's first Finale on Monday eve). So it's totally understandable if you didn't make it through the epic coronation - and with that in mind, I thought I'd strip away the fat and see how much meat The Voice really served up in it's 119 minutes....more
Love the post, so true.  I sure thought Chris Mann had it all the way, I was shocked.  But they ...more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 6 Engage in Threesomes

Come on, they had to expect the jokes, right?This week the top 6 performed two dances: a Ballroom Round and a Threesome Round. (Sorry, Trio Round, whatevs.) For the latter round, the Pro invited another Pro (either from the troupe or an eliminated Pro) to dance with them.Here's how it went down.1. Donald and PetaBallroom Round: The Tango. He's got the intensity. He's got good posture. He's got sharp feet. He really leads. He could work on straightening his legs better when it's called for, but I enjoy his work. And his work ethic....more
@ElisaC I agree with your bottom two. Also did not understand the triple 10s. Totally with you ...more

Let the Wild Rumpus Continue: Celebrating Maurice Sendak's Life

Today Maurice Sendak -- author and illustrator of many beloved childrens' books -- passed away at the age of 83. I will be honest and say that I didn't know he was still alive. I figured that an author that had written a book that my mother read as a child and passed on to me which I, in turn, passed on to my sons would surely not still be with us. I had built him up to be something bigger than life and, as such, other-worldly. I am left feeling sad that I didn't have my sons send some fan mail as they fell in love with the book over the past six years. On the other hand, they say that many creative types -- authors and poets and artists -- don't ever see true appreciation for their life's work. I hope Maurice knew how much children and adults alike loved his work....more
 @JennaHatfield it came from hallmark (2008).  i bet they will have them again this year in ...more

Long-Term Consequences of the Lessons of War

I don’t know what was going through Robert Bales’s mind in March, when he quietly picked up his rifle and went house to house shooting anyone he encountered. I have no idea how he arrived at the decision that this was an appropriate course of action. Perhaps it came suddenly. Perhaps he got some bad news from home, or learned he had lost yet another friend. Maybe it was gradual, the cumulative effect of violence pooling within him over time. Maybe what started as a trickle of anger during his first combat deployment grew into a torrent of rage by his fourth. But his action, which we call abhorrent, is visible to us only in its extremity. It is a manifestation, a symptom of the violence in which we have long been engaged. ...more
I think it is easy to forget the long-term consequences of war. We have so many young people ...more

Kentucky Derby: The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Celebrity Hats

Oh, Celebrities. You make everything more fun. Even The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.Hollywood headed south this weekend to lend their glitz to the Kentucky Derby's glamour, and the results, of course, do not dissapoint. Except for the Brits on a Royal Wedding Day, nobody does it better. (Or at least, nobody tries as hard.)...more
Love hats and your captions were so fun :)more

Don’t Know Much About Asian American History? Books for Kids

The month of May has been proclaimed by Congress as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. And what better time to teach your kids about the history of Asians in the United States? Because most school curriculums contain little – if any – mention of the contributions of and discrimination against Asian Americans. Perhaps you've shared with your children how you or your family members came to America, but this is also a great opportunity to learn about the experiences of other Asians in the United States....more
 @A Mighty Girl Thanks, great suggestions!more

Who Are Your Favorite TV Talk Show Hosts?

They keep us company in hotel rooms during business trips.  They keep us sane and laughing during a long election year.  They keep a million DVR boxes working overtime.  I'm talking about our nation's TV talk show hosts.  From the early days when Johnny Carson ruled the airwaves to current favorites and relative newcomers like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, they are among the funniest and most thoughtful television celebrities. Best of all, they get OTHER famous folks to say wonderfully tweetable things....more
 @KarenLynnn Well it's not really his own show, but it will be interesting to see how Howard ...more

Initia-tainment: The Eco-Celebrity Campaign

A Fortune 500 scion, a fimmaker and a minor celebrity walk into a bar...and they decide to change the world.   ...more

Super Women: The Ladies Rock "The Avengers"

Have ya heard the buzz? Of course you have. You've been hit over the head with it multiple times the past few weeks. The Avengers is opening in theaters. Like, NOW. This has been one of THE most anticipated superhero movies in the last few years... not only because it has a crazy Marvel comics fan-following, but because it's got some of the hottest stars starring in it. (Hello, Robert Downey Jr. Watching him as Iron Man will never get old to me......more

Anne Rice's Werewolves: The Wolf Gift

What Ms. Rice does so well in all her novels is explore the definition of humanity as it applies to those not normally considered part of society; The Wolf Gift is no exception. As Reuben explores his new powers, the line between good and evil is very narrow indeed. His conflict over distancing himself from his loved ones to protect them versus the need he has to surround himself with those same loved ones is as understandable as it is heartbreaking. ...more
Read it and fell in love with her newest characters.more