Which TV Daughter Has It Worse: Paige Jennings, Sally Draper or VEEP's Catherine Meyer?

What a tough season for daughters on television. The young women on some of the best television shows are delivering nuanced performances as they confront the corruptions and miserable failings of their parents. It is both cathartic and brutal to watch. ...more
I had the exact same thought this week. First I thought how relieved I am for Sally that she's ...more

Mocking or Emulating: Teens Go Crazy for Kylie Jenner's Lips

Our First Lady is always keeping it 100%. Recently she said that her daughters Sasha and Malia were not influential, despite what Time magazine says.   They are not influential,” the First Lady said, laughing. “They just live here [ The White House] . They have done nothing to gain any influence.” ...more
This is very reminiscent of the "cinnamon challenge" a few years ago, and while not as fatal, it ...more

SheWrites Publisher Kamy Wicoff on Her First Novel, 'Wishful Thinking'

Kamy Wicoff has long been a nonfiction author and a public speaker, as well as the founder and publisher at SheWrites.com and SheWrites Press. This year, Kamy's taking on a new challenge: her first novel, WISHFUL THINKING. I talked to Kamy about her process, her background and how her expertise lent itself to a new area of publishing....more
Kamy you're an inspiration. I'm a new blogger (mysisterlovesmovies.com) and I want to find my ...more

No More Pocahontas Fantasies: Tanis Parenteau's New Film Focuses on Sexual Assaults of Native Women

1 in 3 Native women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes....more

Why Harry Potter Must Be Punished

It turns out that Umbridge was doing the right thing. Not for Harry, of course – that poor kid had enough on his plate - but for the story. ...more
Alexis Langelaarmore

The Best Bands You've Never Heard Of

So each month I do a "What's on my Playlist Now" post, but I thought I could spice things up by sharing some of my favorite bands that you've probably never heard, although you should! ...more
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13 Women Who Nailed Doctor Who Cosplay

This year Doctor Who is celebrating 52 years of excellent storytelling and ten years of being back on the air, and rumor has it the upcoming season may feature one of its darkest story lines yet. There's so much to admire and love about Doctor Who in all its incarnations, but the best thing about the show might be its smart, fun, dedicated and creative fans.  ...more
Major Whovian here, and I think the woman that dressed up as the 4th Doctor was the best! But ...more

A Conversation with Elisabeth Moss on Going from Screen to Stage, Feminism and the End of 'Mad Men'

The Heidi Chronicles is a play that was written in 1988 by the legendry, now-deceased playwright Wendy Wasserstein. It traces 25 years in a woman named Heidi’s life, starting with her days as a teenager in high school and then at Yale, studying art history, graduate school in Chicago, and finally life as a adult in New York City where she ends up living amongst the people who spanned the course of her life.   ...more

Kindness Wins: How to Teach Children to Be Kind Online

In Kindness Wins, Galit walks the reader through ten online habits to teach and model. She strings together the practical guidelines with engaging real-life anecdotes and ends each chapter with a timely article to read and conversation starters for your kids and your friends. ...more

'Game of Thrones' Season 5: For the Women Especially, It's All About the Power

As loyal viewers know, Game of Thrones is, to paraphrase Buffy, all about the power: who has it, who wants it, how to get it and how to keep it. With the deaths of Joffrey and especially Tywin Lannister, the struggle for power is greater than ever in Season 5. Suddenly, alliances that were unthinkable last year may be on the brink of reality....more
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