9 Kids' Board Books That Won't Feel Like Bored Books to Parents

Before I had Ella, I didn't I realize how many weird children's books are out there. I had images of us happily reading for hours, tickled pink by the wide array of stimulating prose and lovely illustrations we would encounter (okay, that's a little much). I was mostly thinking about the classics, like Goodnight Moon, or The Runaway Bunny. While we have had a lot of fun reading together, I've realized that a lot of kids' books are just plain boring or annoying! And, of course, those are often the ones they decide to become obsessed with, right? ...more

The 4 Worst On-Screen Births

One of the unexpected downsides to having a baby is that I can no longer watch Grey's Anatomy without wanting to throw my coffee at the screen. The same goes for Private Practice, Offspring or any other show that involves a lot of babies being born. Image: Warner Bros. Television ...more
I'm bingewatching Friends on Netflix currently and I just watched the ep where she gives birth ...more

All Hail Serena Williams on Her U.S. Open Journey to a Calendar-Year Grand Slam

We are not worthy, but all eyes are on superstar Serena Williams as she heads into the U.S. Open ready to make history. If she wins, she'll attain a calendar Grand Slam (winning all four major titles in one year), which hasn't been earned since Steffi Graff did it in 1988.  The draw was announced Thursday and play begins next week.   ...more
There will never be another one. Not unless someone creates a new planet.more

The Problem with Hollywood Father Figures

There is nothing quite like a good dad. We are interested in their stories, praise their body type, sing their praises in cheesy Instagram posts on their very own national holiday, and even use the term as a term of endearment for our favorite celebrities (dad AF, amiright?). ...more
Yes! Then I'm disappointed if the real does not live up to the character:)more

Tig Notaro's Takes Her Top Off & That's Not the Provocative Part of 'Boyish Girl Interrupted'

I knew that Tig Notaro would likely take off her shirt at some point during her HBO comedy special, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted.   I was counting on it. ...more
She takes comedy to new places, and I am grateful for it.more

Catch Up Before the Next Episode: Was the Scandal in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Handled?

Just when we thought we knew who to hate in BIP Season 2, things just got a whole lot more confusing. Don’t worry I’ll break it all down for you in the Bachelor in Paradise 2015 Blog and Recap.  You won’t miss a single scene.   First, do we have a new villain in paradise?  There was definitely something fishy going on between Joe and Samantha—"Ursula the Sea Witch" fishy. ...more
Sorry, I couldn't even spend the time it took to read the article on this crap.  Garbage in, ...more

Don't Call It A Protest , But I'm Not Going to See 'Straight Outta Compton'

Me refusing to go to see a movie cannot rightly be called a protest, because I hate going to the movies. It's dark, its cold, the seats are gross, there's sticky stuff and crunchy stuff under your feet, and I just can't relax because I'm scared there are bed bugs in the seats. I just can't do it. So, take me not going to see Straight Outta Compton with a big old sack of salt. But even if I did do movie theaters, I wouldn't go to see this. ...more
DrMamaEsq PJ Gach You have to remember that history is always written by the victors. They're ...more

What We Read on Summer Break: Book Recommendations from 11 Bloggers

Back-to-school time used to mean closing the folder on my summer reading list while filing a "What I Read on Summer Break" book report. Even though I didn't chart my reading to earn awards at my local library or the admiration of my new 4th grade teacher, I read some fantastic books this summer guided by a list of my own creation, literally on the sand as "beach reads" and, more often, under the whirr of my bedroom's ceiling fan as "escape-the-blistering-sweaty-sun-on-crisp-white-sheets read." ...more
This just made my heart sing!  As an author, I'd like mine to be included :)  But I'm just so ...more

Never Date Your Friend's Ex

Taylor Swift told Vanity Fair that she and her friends don’t care if one of them starts dating another's ex. She says that the girls in her squad are too important to each other to let something like that come between them. It brings up a good question though: Is it ok to date someone if they’re your friend’s ex? ...more
Started dating my high school sweetheart about a month after he broke up with my then-best ...more

Art, Sex and Absent Motherhood in 'Ricki and the Flash'

Lucky for me I'm not a critic. It seems to me that the main job of a critic is to watch a fun and enjoyable movie or TV show and find things wrong with it so as to make it unenjoyable for anyone else to watch. Which leads to my point: Ricki and the Flash is fun and enjoyable. Lukewarm reviews be damned. Image: TriStar Pictures ...more