Twitter's Tripping Over Raven-Symoné 's "Colorless" Comments

Actress Raven-Symoné recently declared herself "colorless" to Oprah Winfrey, saying she didn't want to be labeled as African-American, or as gay. Oprah, great mother to the misguided, tried to warn Symoné that she'd take some heat for her assertion, but the younger woman didn't care. ...more
powermove7 Nobody talked about Raven's family in this piece. Are you going around trying to do ...more

Ben Affleck Ruined 'Gone Girl' by Being Himself

Ben Affleck is why we can't have horrible, fiendish things. He's just impossibly Ben Affleck-y, Hollywood handsome on the red carpet with Jennifer Garner, a known humanitarian, a dad who got himself sober—he's ridiculously accomplished but so affable he seems almost incompetent. He's almost unhateable. He's no one's favorite, but he just keeps showing up, looking good, being nice, and throwing it down—he's Ben Affleck, after all. He carried Gone Girl, the faithful film adaptation of the complicated Gillian Flynn bestseller, with ease, because of course he can. ...more
I read the book, as soon as I heard he was cast as nick I felt they couldn't have picked a ...more

Binge-Watching Netflix Brought Us Back Together

I sat at my desk waiting for the clock to tick just close enough to 5:00 p.m. so that I could duck out early from work. My man was waiting for me at home, and I didn't want to keep him waiting any longer than necessary. I was excited to get home, throw on some comfortable clothes, and curl up on the couch with my favorite man of the moment, Walter White. Granted, I wasn't so much physically curling up with him as I was spending my evenings peering inside his mind, but either way, I couldn't wait to find out what else was going to happen on Breaking Bad. After all, my marriage depended on it....more
Binge-watching whatever, whenever? What bliss that must be!!more

Get Hooked on 'Serial,' a Fascinating New Murder Mystery From 'This American Life'

Fans of true detective stories and public radio should be thrilled to learn that today two of the women producers of This American Lifeare kicking off a new podcast calledSerial. The show, appropropriately named, will follow one story for 10 to 20 episodes which will unfold each week. It's all super addicting and deeply mysterious: Even producer Sarah Koenig and senior producer Julie Snyder don't know how this season will end. ...more
I've just listened to all three episodes. I am a true crime junkie and from Baltimore.. around ...more

115 Book Bloggers You Need to Start Following Right Now

I usually do most of my bookish interactions on Twitter, but I recently realized -- gasp -- I wasn't following a lot of my Twitter friends' blogs! I knew I needed to update my blogroll, but I also knew it would be a very time-consuming task. After going through 600+ accounts that I follow on my personal Twitter account (@writerrhiannon), I did a massive update to my personal blogroll. I then went through those blogs and made a list (with links) of (current / active) book bloggers that I love. Now I'm sharing with you! ...more
Amazing list! And if you're into mysteries and thrillers, please check out my thriller-focused ...more

On Refusing to Allow Viola Davis' Talent To Be Limited By Racial Commentary

No matter our professional and personal and societal accomplishments as black women, we will be seen as less than. No matter the strides we make beyond being maids, we will be seen as less than. We will be qualified with “for a black woman.” That’s a beautiful painting for a black woman. She’s an incredible dancer for a black woman. Image: © Lisa O'Connor/ ...more
This is a powerful post! I loved it! I agree that it is absolutely insane that people can only ...more

Buckle Up, It's Going to Get Intense As Mercury Goes Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury is about to go Retrograde, but there's no need for us to be crazed and confused. We will get through it, again. ...more
I love the "re" too. I'm already reeling from other MR issues like miscommunications, computer ...more

Read Like a Feminist: 10 Books to Look For

Bad Feminist had me wondering what titles with feminist themes might be headed our way over the next several months. The good news is there are quite a few and they come from many corners of the reading world. Prepare your to-be-read lists!...more
JessiBennett You're totally right - I double checked and that's the paperback date! Glad to hear ...more

Adding 'Frozen' to 'Once Upon a Time' is Mostly Pretty Cool, But I'm Not Warming Up to Kristoff

"That's a pretty cool trick that they did with the troll." ...more
Hello somebodymore

Bodice Rippers Taught Me About Romance

My first lover was Brandon Birmingham, captain of The Audacious, a merchant ship set for the Orient. He’d mistaken me for a prostitute and had his way with me before he knew the truth — that I was actually an 18-year-old orphan who’d run away from a cruel aunt who hated me for my beauty and Irish ancestry. Did I forget to mention that Brandon’s eyes were deep gray, which reflected not only the tempestuous seas he tried to tame, but also his tempestuous feelings for me and the swells of my ripe, luminescent orbs of breast flesh? ...more