Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Bravermans and 'Parenthood'

My dear, kind and loving fans of Parenthood. I'm worried about us all. Are you okay after the "We Made It Through the Night" episode? Have you stopped weeping yet? Here, just sit still on this luncheonette stool for a moment, dry your eyes with this Braverman plaid shirt, and let's address the tender, beautiful, about-to-collapse souffle in the room. There's only one show left. ...more
NicoleBlades Noooooo!!!more

Who Wore It Weirdest in the Miss Universe National Costume Category?

Are we really still having Miss Universe competitions? Apparently, we are. Thank God there aren't any demeaning costumes. I mean, well, wait. Oops. Just look....more
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Another Dead Lesbian TV Character and the Question of Representation

Warning: Last Tango in Halifax spoilers. I write about pop culture on my blog at Old Aint Dead. One of the TV shows I love and spend time recapping is Last Tango in Halifax. I normally love everything about this BBC series. I love the old people having a romance, I love the lesbian couple having a romance, I love the mixed-up straight woman trying to figure out how to have a suitable romance. ...more
keep kate on the show; she can't die if bobby from dallas can return from the dead, then... kate ...more

The 'Christmas Jammies' Viral Video Family Is Back: Watch The Video!

Viral video sensations the Holderness family are back. Their "Christmas Jammies" video went viral in 2013 and currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube. Wait, what ... you haven't seen it? Watch! I'll wait. ...more

Flashy New Hip Hop Drama 'Empire' Started as a Hot Mess, But It's Getting Better Already

I was excited just like anyone else when FOX decided to launch a new show with a diverse cast. Set in the worlds of hip hop, drugs, and centered on the African American community, Empire premiered with amazing ratings.   But after viewing the first episode I was for, lack of a better word, a bit underwhelmed.  With a cast like Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and Gabourey Sidibe I was expecting…well I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t the stereotypical hot mess I came across. ...more
I've been watching and enjoying Empire. My only complaint was this week when Gladys Knight was ...more

You've Read All Six Jane Austen Novels, So What Should You Read Next?

Salutations, Bookworms! Let’s talk about Jane Austen. I love her to pieces, but she only wrote six novels and a handful of short stories. Six novels! What is one to do once one has finished ALL THE AUSTEN? I have good news for you, my fellow Austen-ites. There are a lot of other Austen nerds. Austen nerds who have written Austen-inspired books. I made a list for you. You can thank me later. ...more
These are great. I'd never heard of most of them. A series I'd recommend are the Mr. and Mrs. ...more

Go See 'Selma' to Counteract the Horrible Oscar Snubs with Your Attention

Hey there, what are your weekend plans? I'd like to propose that you hijack them and direct a few hours of your time where you will be immensely rewarded in personal and political ways. Go see Selma. President Obama's doing it, and you should too. It's a fantastic work of art and a vibrant contribution to a vital cultural dialogue, and it deserves your time and ticket purchase. ...more
I never paid much attention to how irrelevant the Academy has become until now. Great post. Well ...more

Why TLC’s New Show 'My Husband’s Not Gay' Is Highly Problematic

TLC has done it again with an interesting new reality series, My Husband’s Not Gay. The show follows four Mormon men, living in Utah, who are attracted to the same sex yet choose to live as heterosexual, complete with the traditional marriages and nuclear families recognized by the LDS church. ...more
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Would You Try a BDSM Scene From '50 Shades of Grey'?

While many of my friends binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey, pausing long enough to cook up a box of organic mac and cheese for their kids’ dinner, up until now, I'd only managed a handful of pages before tears of laughter blurred out the words. I’m no stranger to erotica but James’ writing was too juvenile and cheesy for my taste. Or so I thought. ...more
I am looking to act out the Metropolitan Museum sex scene in the book Mr. X A New York Love ...more

What's On Your Workout Playlist?

It's the time of year when I sit down and reassess my fitness goals. What do I want to accomplish this year? How am I going to meet my goals? What is my motivation? I don't know the answers to all of those questions right now so I'm doing something I do well—I'm procrastinating. I decided to make a new workout playlist but I'm not especially good at making playlists. I reached out to the BlogHer Editors for help. Here are some of our favorite workout songs....more
I love everything from Taylor Swift to P!nk to Kelly Clarkson, but I had a breakthrough last ...more