Inspired By "Whip It": This 65 Year-Old Derby Ref Won't Give Up

Sweat dripping down my face, I pulled off my helmet and sat down on the ref bench next to Creepy Taco. Pinky Bruiser, Jet Blaster, Buster Chassis and Molly Misdemeanor were among those who waved their thanks and wished us a good holiday and left with shouts of, “Thanks, refs, see you next year!” ...more
You are awesome!more

Casting Call: Would You Discuss Your Mental Illness on Television?

So, sometimes when you've spent years bleeding all over the Internet, people turn up you wouldn't otherwise expect. For example, a casting producer from an Emmy-award-winning reality television production company left a message on my voicemail Friday afternoon....more
I have yet to meet, stumble over, or have  a "mental" sneak up on me.  I  have, however, ...more

"He's Not the Sun": Cristina Yang and Barbara Walters' Last Message to Women about Having it All

Sandra Oh has left Grey's Anatomy, and frankly, now that she's gone, there is no other reason to watch the show. For me, she was the show, and for the past nine years, I only tuned in to watch how her character, Cristina Yang, would break yet another stereotype, yet another normative female behavior. And she never failed me....more
Tracy Gibb  You're right about that, Tracy. It's a challenge on both sides. Thanks for commenting.more

Interviewing 'The Fault in Our Stars' Author John Green on Movie Magic

A lot of excitement is surrounding the upcoming release of the film adaptation of the extremely popular young adult novel The Fault in Our Stars. After interviewing him, I'm confident that the person most eager for the film’s release on June 6th has to be the book's author, John Green. This is the first of his books to hit the big screen (though many of his novels nearly made it) and definitely his most personal. It’s a film that deals with first love, illness, grief and coming of age, and the anticipation for the movie has been through the roof. ...more
I actually live in New York. I'm so glad you met John Green in person! He is truly awesome.  He ...more

How To Survive Maleficent and Angelina Jolie Overexposure

I'm worried about us. Maleficent isn't scheduled to release until May 30, but we are already suffering from early warning signs of severe Jolie Overexposure. It's going to get worse in our fair kingdom before it gets better, dear ones. What are we going to do to survive this? ...more
I want to see it and I want to see it with you, Deb Rox, because I know you will return my  ...more

Golf Digest Sinks Into Sexist Sandtrap with Paulina Gretzky Cover

*The following post originally appeared on my personal blog, "Beyond Lipstick and Petticoats: A Site Celebrating Women"* ...more
I think it is great to have a woman on the cover, but she should not have to pose any ...more

Why We Need Kalinda Sharma, P.I.

I tweeted this. I meant it as a joke, but after I thought about it a while, I had a real idea. No joke. They need to get Kalinda Sharma on #LostGirl, because she is wasted on #TheGoodWife. — OldAintDead (@OldAintDead) May 13, 2014 ...more
I would too'more

Did Feminism Fail Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky is back, and on her own terms, in an essay for the magazine Vanity Fair. It took us a long time to get here -- the relationship she writes about, with former U.S. president Bill Clinton happened in 1995, when she was 21. It's been nearly twenty years since the affair happened, sixteen since it exploded in 1998, leading to the impeachment trial of Clinton, who was eventually acquitted of having lied under oath about having been involved with Lewinsky. ...more
The reality is she was a young kid in her twenties. The Clinton's (both slick Willy and ...more

Forget Every 'Mad Men' Conspiracy Theory You've Ever Read

Mad Men is just two episodes away from wrapping up this half-season, which is flying by faster than Pete Campbell's hair recedes. Fortunately Mad Men is the type of television show that stays with viewers long after they see an episode or season—giving us time to think about the characters, the overarching story of America, and our personal reactions to the themes. After all, Don Draper is nothing if not a construct that helps us look at our culture in general, our parents in context, and our own development in relationship to both. ...more
Rita Arens  I think about Peggy a lot. She looks so lonely.more

Is the New DaVinci's Demons Too Gory Or Is TV Finally Growing Up?

I almost stopped watching DaVinci's Demons after last season. Further, I was surprised to learn there was a second season. But I went there, anyway, and now this week Starz announced a greenlight for a third season.  Here's a snippet from my review last year: ...more
They've done some things with heads this season. That's all I'll say. Regardless of that, ...more