8 Tips for Turning Your Reading Addiction into a Book Blog

Do you love to read? Do you constantly get asked for book recommendations? Have you wanted to start a book blog but don't know how? About two years ago I decided to focus my blog on book reviews. Since then, I have met so many fellow bibliophiles and learned a couple tips I'd like to share with anyone just starting out. ...more
writerrhiannon Thank you! I'd greatly appreciate that! Here's the link, if you're interested. ...more

Looking for Multiracial TV Characters I Can Show My Biracial Kids

Recent media on media coverage of the upcoming Fall Television Season (does TV even still have seasons? Doesn't it feel like new shows are just constantly premiering?) has focused heavily on television becoming a lot less "whitewashed," mostly due to the multiple productions of Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) and a few others, including upcoming pilots with Hispanic and Asian leads. ...more
Modern family is also on ABC.more

Look to Sam Champion to Keep Us Safe and Smart on The Weather Channel

No, Sam Champion is not just another handsome talking head. To prove it, he has taken the bold step of leaving perhaps the number one weatherperson position in the world at ABC's Good Morning America to become Managing Editor at The Weather Channel. His new show is called AMHQ, for America's Morning Headquarters. It is an amalgam of news, sports, lifestyle and, of course, weather forecasting and reporting, running each weekday from 7-10 a.m. ET. ...more
I enjoyed watching him on GMA until I realized he's not actually a meteorologist, like Ginger ...more

From Barney Stinton to Zoe Barnes And More TV Characters With Blogs

Television writers haven't always been kind to bloggers.  Cool, powerful, attractive and creative characters tend to get jobs like chef, architect (hey Mike Brady) or crisis fixer. Bloggers, on the other hand, have grown used to having our vocation mentioned along with some sort of "nerd in his mom's basement"  dig to serve as shorthand for powerless and nerdy. ...more
In the series Sherlock both Dr Watson and Sherlock have blogs. Watson's was suggested by his ...more

RIP, Ann B. Davis: What Alice on 'The Brady Bunch' Taught Me About Parenting

I swear I could faintly hear the collective "aw" of humanity as I checked my Facebook news feed and learned that Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from The Brady Bunch, had died at 88. ...more
Wonderful words.  I will have to get the Brady Bunch box set when I have my first child! ;)more

It's Friday So It's Dance Party Machine Time

Last Friday KROQ's Kevin and Bean show had a dance party machine instead of their usual programming. Since that was so much fun for a Friday I thought I'd share a dance party machine playlist for your listening pleasure. What would you add to this list?  1. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby ...more
Karen Ballum   LOL I promise I wasn't! But I was dancing my toochie off with this playlist last ...more

Madonna. Malkovich, Kimye and Other Celebrities I Don't Want to Face on a Jury

In unnecessary celebrity news, it seems that forever material girl Madonna ditched jury duty with a doctor's note only to reveal via Instagram that she's happily on holiday. I guess she needed just one day out of life (it would be so nice) and out of civic responsibility.  ...more
Britney Spears.  She may be a nice person, but she was placed under a conservatorship years ago ...more

What Maya Angelou Knew

It is a gray and misty day, hovering somewhere between lovely and lonely. I am sitting on my train, riding into the city, as to my right the Hudson river looms, placid and colorless, doing its best imitation of a lake. ...more
With that wide smile, she helped us all accept our beauty and our gifts.  She expanded the ...more

Meeting Angelina Jolie to Talk About 'Maleficent' and Motherhood

You could sense the quiet excitement in the room as we waited for the iconic Angelina Jolie to arrive. It was like every one of the 25 bloggers who were in attendance - along with the Disney PR reps we work closely with - were so nervous we didn't know what to do with ourselves. You could hear a pin drop, but if we had opened our mouths the squeals of delight might shoot out an bounce around the walls like a bucket or rubber balls kicked over. ...more

Taking Kids to See the Raunchy New Seth Rogan Movie 'Neighbors?' Who Does That?

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to see the new Seth Rogan – Rose Byrne – Zac Ephron comedy Neighbors and I still haven’t been able to shake a few things I saw in the theatre.I’m not talking about the movie itself (I’ll get to that in a minute).  I’m talking about the actual people that were IN the audience of an R-rated movie at 7pm on a Friday night. Image via Universal Studios ...more
Agreed.  Once you figure out it's not appropriate, don't you leave?  Movie theaters will usually ...more