7 Books to Read If You're Devastated that 'Serial' Has Ended

 I wrote the other day about my addiction to podcasts, namely, Serial. And since I can never stop at just listening to one thing or reading one thing, I put together a list of books for other podcast fans. ...more
I'm hooked on Serial too! Thanks for the recommendations!  Can I make another one? There's a ...more

Fantastic & Fun Ideas for Your Hunger Games Party

With the release of Mockingjay I decided it was a great time to repost about the Hunger Games party we had in 2012. David (BEN!'s brother) is visiting and planning to go see it while he is here. Me? I love pretty much any kind of themed party. ...more

Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies

Meryl Streep's recent reception of a The Presidential Medal of Freedom got me thinking about my favorite films of hers, including one directed by Mike Nichols (1931-2014) — a filmmaker far beyond my generation but still beloved by many of us nonetheless. Image: 20th Century Fox ...more

Talking With Women About Their Obsession with 'Serial'

CUE MUSIC: Bad Dream (the theme) by Nick Diamonds ME: For the last two weeks, I've spent every working day trying to understand why Serial is so popular. Or technically, why are my female friends obsessed with this podcast? ...more

Beyoncé! Why I Need Her New ' 7/11' Video To Break the Internet

It's been a rough week.   Kim Kardashian's oily backside and everyone's reenactments of her Paper Mag photos are still trying to break the internet.  We're still waiting for a grand jury indictment announcement in Ferguson, where Gov. Jay Nixon has already issued a state of emergency and police are mobilizing.  ...more
Hi, I hate to rain on the Beyonce parade because I do think that she is talented and beatuiful, ...more

'Mockingjay' Takes Katniss to the Heights of Leadership

I probably don't have to remind you that Mockingjay, Part 1, opens this weekend. You are either more than ready for this third film in The Hunger Games adaptations (in which case you've probably already purchased your ticket), or you just aren't into The Hunger Games.  ...more
You are so, so correct! Everything about this is spot-on. I loved the movie and was so pleased ...more

Hello Optimistic, Energetic Sagittarius!

That lucky old Sun bounces into Sagittarius on Saturday November 22, 2014. Ruled by “more is always best” planet Jupiter, this time of year is about livin’ large, taking chances, everything is great, the million dollar deal is done, “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes. All of this can can be full of adventure and great fun, but aim for “controlled” excess if things seem to be going over the top. Adding to festivities are transiting planets Mercury and Venus: Image Shutterstock ...more

Why We Still Need Diverse Books: Lemony Snicket Author's Series of Unfortunate, Racist Jokes

This is why we can’t have diverse books. ...more
What an incredibly thoughtless remark. I guess this guy was going for edgy and failed miserably. ...more

That Time I Started Playing Dungeons & Dragons for a Blog Post...

I recently went on a deep undercover writing assignment. My goal was to infiltrate a local Dungeons & Dragons group and make them believe I could be one of them, just for one night, so that I could write about the shenanigans that are role playing games. I wanted to try something new, and my boyfriend kept going on and on about Pathfinder (which is an off shoot of Dungeons & Dragons, basically) so I figured hey, I could go for 4 hours and give it a shot, blog about it, and then move on. That was six months ago. The reason I didn’t write the blog post was because I’m still playing it and you know what? It’s really cool. ...more
forestcats  THAT IS SO COOL! If I ever visit LA (which I really want to do) then I will ...more

Don Lemon Joins Whoopi Goldberg in Using Victim-Blaming Tactics to Defend Bill Cosby Against Rape Accusations

Editor's note: NBC has cancelled its planned project with Bill Cosby after accusations that he has sexually assaulted over a dozen women. Yesterday, Netflix announced it is postponing the launch of his comedy special Bill Cosby 77, which was set to release on Nov. 28.—Julie ...more
I would venture to guess Whoopi is a proponent of the idea, "Stand by for your friends, wrong or ...more