Kim of Just a Conservative Girl: On Finding Power in Local and State Politics

It's 2012, and I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed ringing in the New Year, especially as it promises to be a truly interesting one on the election front! I hope you're enjoying BlogHer's "Why I'm Political" series, as I get to talk with women bloggers from around the web about what they're focused on now that the 2012 presidential primary season is in full swing....more

Ilina of Dirt and Noise: Involving Your Children in Your Political Passions

This month for the Why I'm Political series, interviewing bloggers about the issues that matter to them, I was pleased to talk with Ilina Ewens of Dirt & Noise. Ilina once wrote about having to explain to her two young sons the importance of President Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law -- so I wasn't surprised that she had a lot to say about being a politically minded woman!...more

Jaelithe of The State of Discontent: On Talking Politics With Friends and Family

Welcome to the second post in Why I'm Political, a series spotlighting thoughtful women sharing what motivates them to write publicly about issues they care about -- and what they're focused on as we enter the 2012 election season. This month, Jaelithe Judy of A State of Discontent had a few things to say about childhood poverty, food safety, getting political with friends and family, and who she thinks should be the first woman president -- all in her always thoughtful and eloquent style. ...more

Shannon of Rocks in My Dryer: On Going Publicly Pro-Life

I'm excited to welcome you to the first in Why I'm Political, a series of interviews with women from around the web who don't usually write about the political world -- but, when they dipped their toes in those waters, wrote some amazing essays! For those of us who spend time hanging around the web, it's not a surprise that women have found new empowerment through social media tools, including their blogs, to write about topics they might not have before. And while there aren't all that many women who write about politics as their main focus, women who are writing about their lives in powerful and passionate ways do find themselves weighing in on important issues....more
Camisa, Thanks for sharing your views. I know this is a very loaded topic and people feel very ...more