Negotiating Tips for Small Businesses Recently, I met with several entrepreneurs who have been in business for several years and are respected for their innovation, expertise, and assertiveness in their respective areas. As we discussed a multitude of challenges and joys of owning a small business, one theme seemed common among the group. The negotiation process appeared to be everyone’s weak spot, and all agreed they wanted improvement, more practice, and better results....more

Growing Up A Dot Rat

My first post of the year is actually a guest post on Momsoap!  She's having a great conversation about race and perspectives on race.  Having grown up in a poor neighborhood, and yes, even at one point eating the welfare cheese (you know what I'm talking about), I felt I had a voice to add.  Read on: can read more posts at

Nanci Jo Frazer Working from Home News

We all have been educated to go to school… and do what we are told so we can graduate. Then we should go to college… do what we are told so we can graduate. Then we should find a job and do what we are told so we can get paid. But what if there are no jobs? What if the three jobs you have mean you have no life, no family time and no promise of anything better? Then you may want to consider starting a home base business....more

Beauty Industry - An interview with Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

Top beauty industry executives gathered at the CosmoProf North America (CPNA) 2013 convention held in Las Vegas NV on July 14th-16th. Originally, a lose gathering of distributors, this ev...more

Understanding Life Through Astrology.

As a constantly changing entrepeneur, I am putting it all together in one blog. I have been an astrologer for 30 years, a writer and artist.  Please join me on my blog:  Would love your opinion.  Glad to be here with you all....more

BlogHer Conference Update 1/25/13 - - Submit Room of Your Own Ideas Today!

Happy Friday friends! This week the BlogHer Events team was in Chicago (brrrr) planning for BlogHer '13, and what a conference we have in store for you. First and foremost we have announced our preliminary agenda, including Pathfinder, HealthMinder and our newest addition, Viewfinder....more

Countdown to Christmas 36 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 36 Days and Counting ...more

5 things I learned at BlogHer11 & 5 BlogHer12 social media tips to know

NOTE: Be sure to follow the official BlogHer Twitter lists posted below of thousands of attendees and sponsors....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - May 11, 2012

It's Friday, and Mother's Day weekend here in the US (maybe other places too), so to all you moms celebrating this weekend or other weekends -- have a great day! Now, on to our update...Let's start with BlogHer Food '12...The mobile app is ready for download! ...more