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3 days ago
 Increase Instagram Engagement with a Scavenger HuntEvery marketing strategy contains a social media campaign or social media tools, at least it should.  The impact of social media for businesses who target both B2B customers and B2C customers are undeniably important.
5 days ago
Kota Neelima is a woman with many facets to her personality. She is not just a distinguished author but a wonderful artist as well. She finds creative expression in painting when she is not penning down a political fiction or raising social issues through her writings. For a person who has followed painting techniques closely, paintings are actually impressionist abstract explained through a medium of oil on canvas.Explore the Contemporary Reality
2 weeks ago
I followed my usual walking route this morning and was almost home when I had the loveliest of encounters.As I approached my last few steps, I could see an elderly woman making her way up the hill. Oh, if you drove it daily you might not think about how "uphill" it really is. But if you walk/run it often you do learn to anticipate it.This woman was silver haired and pulling along her cloth covered
3 weeks ago
 Have you ever been astounded when an old friend tells you one day something from their past that you didn’t know? Or when your company night shift cleaner turns out to be a chemist? Or what about the colleague who retires at 57 because she’s “just been careful all her life”? What is powerful is when what you say 
4 weeks ago
 Loyalty Rewards: Millennial Focused Scavenger Hunt
5 weeks ago
Goodbye. See you later… or not.So many kinds of Goodbye.The returning colleague or acquaintance who just can’t make up their mind. Their job stinks, they keep applying for the next great opportunity and then something happens and they return. The neighbour who can’t stand the condo board, the paper strewn elevators, the dirty windows that never
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 Drive Traffic to Your Marketing Videos Through a Scavenger Hunt
6 weeks ago
Most of us are not financially fit. We are not completely aware of how our money is being spent. We have too much debt and spend money on the wrong things.
7 weeks ago
To some extend most women have a pelvic floor that is either hypertonic or hypotonic. The musculature that supports us at our deepest core is either too tense or too weak. Either end of that spectrum can leave us with issues of incontinence, urge or stress related, or difficulty with our other natural elimination process. They can also cause us to be ineffective in our attempts to move our work into the world in an empowered and coherent gesture because the part of the brain that manages our pelvic floor muscles is also over working or under working.
7 weeks ago
I am a 29-year-old, work-from-home (and everything in-between) mother to one beautiful and vivacious daughter. It is now June and Gemini season, and I have another five days to enjoy my glorious 20s.  That's right. I am turning 30 people! You'd imagined I would say something like, "Ah, to be 20 again...," or “The 20s were the best years of my life.”... and they really were!
10 weeks ago
Every single person on this earth has a talent. Some innate part of ourselves that makes us excited to get up in the morning – that we’d gladly put in 80 hours a week toward because it doesn’t feel like work. Isn’t that the saying? If we do what we love, it doesn’t feel like work?  
10 weeks ago
Such a little girl. Her hand reaching up is totally enveloped in her Dad’s. They are walking as they usually do, almost every evening, just catching up on their respective days. It’s a habit he had started when she was just wee, when he would come home from work, scrub his hands clean and smile and talk to her sweet face. He’d tell her about what
11 weeks ago
If you read The Mom Handbook a few days ago, you would have read how we, as Mom's are the experts on holding onto our "failures" in child rearing. Those moments when even decades later,we want to hang our heads in shame about how we reacted.(Hint: take a Time Out for every one you give your child.)Today I will ask you to give something to your Mom/Esteemed Female that only you can give.
11 weeks ago
Mom's Day is approaching and I'm still feeling some guilt.I have been a Mom for a lot of years. Whether I wanted to or had no other reference points, I adopted the universal beliefs that were handed to me. Decades before the web was easily accessible, we learned about motherhood through word of mouth and action.Like many of my generation, we did what our mother's did, because that's the way we were raised. Polite and not
12 weeks ago
Dear Parents,Enter my book giveaway to get a free copy of Drowning With My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents.  Why not, right?See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Drowning with My Hair on Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents. #adoption
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How do we learn about relationship? Life throws us curve balls, and many of us have phases of solitary growth, and still we learn about relationship. Picture this.Happy EndYou met at some point recently or long ago and you fit. And during your time together you learn about what you like and what you don’t  like. Your partner teaches you in big and small ways about what makes
13 weeks ago
The beauty of the couple. Rare, dignified, classy. Bringing that air of well-being to all they encounter. I think that they must enjoy the experience of strolling through a park or attending a book reading at the local library. 
13 weeks ago
How to Market your Independent FilmCongratulations on your independent film!  You found your cast, crew and script is printed.  When does marketing for your film begin and how?Here are a few tips on marketing your independent film.
14 weeks ago
If you’re not a writer, you might assume that I was about to share how truly failed or dreadful I can be. Please don’t be disappointed now when I tell you that my character is in a short story I’m working on.My character is a mystery to me. He is greying and fit, he stands by the beach and waits. I know his name, but I won’t spoil it for you as I do plan to
14 weeks ago
With confidence, you have won before you have started. - Marcus Garvey, Jamaican political leaderConfidence is like a magnet. It pulls other confident people to you. It also attracts opportunities.
14 weeks ago
Let’s get the Move It Monday party running! Here is how you can join the fun:
14 weeks ago
 Scavenger Hunt - A Digital Commerce Growth AdvantageNearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world.PewResearch Center - 
15 weeks ago
The increased penetration rate in terms of mobile technology embodies economic growth in developing nations, and the whole world at large, according to a paper published by the Oxford University Press. However, in today’s rapidly developing technological society, it is such a shame that women still lag behind mobile use and ownership.
16 weeks ago
 I can be a dawdler when it comes to reading. I read the page and then go back to look for a specific phrase that struck me. If it’s fiction I’m reading, I've been known to stir the soup while I'm reading. But if I’m learning something new, technical, business or self-development, I can “work” on a book for months or even years.
16 weeks ago
When I first found my way back to this blog and did a "relaunch" I spoke about a book that changed my thought process, spoke to me and was a book that delivered a message that I truly received (after a very very long time).
16 weeks ago
You may have heard me say before that Karma is the sum of ones actions that determines their fate. If you take positive actions in the world, this will come back to you in some way, shape, or form. Of course, the contrary is true if you put out negative energy. Thus the old adage what comes around goes around.
18 weeks ago
Value is that extra thing that your client appreciates so much, it’s when you do that little thing that isn’t in the contract.“Could you please help me getting some extra issues of the magazine where my interview was published?” “Yes, of course!” And then you get about ten issues for your client. That is the extra mile called value! It meant just a call for you, but your client won’t forget it.
19 weeks ago
   I love getting my granddaughters some gifts now and then. They live far away in another state. They love getting packages from me. Of course, they love getting presents.
20 weeks ago
 Sponsorship Opportunities - Dog Scavenger HuntThrill of the Hunt is very proud to be the originator of the dog scavenger hunt!  This year we're taking our dog scavenger hunt adventures to the national level.
By yminic
24 weeks ago
This is what I know, TJMaxx is the mother lode of all things discounted.  The things you can find are almost unlimited.  I have shopped for a few years at this emporium of delights.  Purses, tights, undies, linens, toys, food, all at prices below nearly any place in any mall, and with greater variety, not to mention unusual items — like  a lipstick that starts out blue and turns pink once applied.  This is where I shop for bagged snack items — cashews, banana chips, diced mango — the kind of sustenance one needs when one drives a long commute.