Yesterday it felt like the biggest mistake of my life...

We adopted 2 children. They came to us through the foster care system. I championed the process and lead the charge. After having one birth daughter at 37 followed by a rough bout with post-partum depression, it seemed like the clearest choice.No offense but we weren’t going to be one of those couples that only wanted a perfect little white baby fresh from the vagina of a young white trash girl from the mid-west....more

One Mega Tip To Help You Grow Your MLM Business Faster And Stronger

 Today a coaching client asked me if I could only teach her one thing about building a team, what would it be?Honestly, I didn’t have to think too long.  Without a doubt, the power of duplication....more

Fairtrade Tickbird Soaps - Review and giveaway!

I’m delighted to write this post about this UK Fairtrade company that inspires me immensely: Visionary Soap.Visionary works with more Fairtrade producer groups then anyone else in the industry and they have a body care range handcrafted in the UK and abroad that uses ingredients from producers in Palestine, India, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa....more

Getting Off Online

Women of all age groups and situations are flocking to online dating.  My sixty + year-old aunt found my uncle five years ago online.  (side-note  The site she met him on does not exist anymore  Two other acquaintances of mine say that online dating is  fun.  They swear by it.  My uncle says that online dating is better because you can do a background check prior to the meeting. ...more
Enjoy reading your blog Denise. I do get a laugh and "I know your right girlfriend"! Thanks for ...more

Have A Conversation

Valentine’s Day is two days away.  We all know Valentine’s Day is a ‘romantic’ holiday or a holiday for kids to share their Valentine’s at school, but we can still celebrate this holiday with our forever friends.  Buy a box of conversation hearts and pick out ones to give each other.  There’s “You Rock” – for all the good times we’ve had.   “Don’t Tell” – this is for all the secrets only besties know.  And of course there’s the heart that has BFF on it!To view the whole post, visit our website at:...more

Use this Coupon on Etsy

You can use this coupon at MyIslamicLife or VianneFere from 1/1/2014-1/10/2014. No Minimum Purchase