Christmas at Monica's Table Holiday Guide

Girlfriends, this is such an exciting week. Thanksgiving happened today, and I’m sure you’re busy with that!Now is  pre-launch time for my Christmas at Monica’s Table Holiday Guide. ...more

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Boost Your Online Influence

Your online influence is the power you have to affect others. The more influence you have, the more you can sway people....more
Thank you for this wonderful advice! I have online presence of my blog on many social networking ...more

Why some people take couponing seriously?

While it’s really hard to get by with today’s pay all around the country, that will not stop people from spending their hard earned money, even on things that are not considered necessities. It may seem like a bad decision. But despite overall bad economy that we’re in, there are so many options that can save you money.Sales or Discounts offers...more

One More Reason to Change

One More Reason to Change...more


Why should you advertise

10 Reasons Why You Should Always Advertise Your Business...more

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