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Something I've always wanted to know and thought I would share to all the crafters out there! 
Have you ever wondered why celebrities and wealthy people stand out?  Aside from obvious things, like their cars, they have a certain style and facade that just gives off a rich air.For all ages, looking polished and fashionable is also key, as is being/looking wealthy.STEPS:
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Other sources of protein (that I like) are:EggsLean Meat- Chicken, Laura’s Lean ground beef, turkeyLow fat cottage cheeseAlmondsMini Babybell CheeseString CheeseNut ButtersGreek Yogurt
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I went to BlogHer to become a better blogger and it seems that I've become the worst by not blogging at all. I've made strides to be better, y'all. I've even made a schedule.Yes. Y'all are on my Google Calendar.I've also been horribly, horribly sick with a sinus infection/chest cold of doom. You can forgive me, right? Cleaning sneezes off of my laptop screen wasn't on my desired task list. Sorry for the image, but there you go.So here's the update:
Social Media is the “great communicator” for brands trying to reach out to their consumer base. What they often overlook is using the social media platforms to effectively target and promote their etailers and retailers.
 What Have You Done to Protect Your Brand?By Lisa N. Kaufman | IP Law Office of Lisa N. Kaufman, P.A.
The Changing Business of FashionBy Laura Robinson | Mark541 Group, LLC
Pinterest is top of mind for many marketers these days, and clearly some things are more effective than others. Here are the four ways we recommend for BlogHer influencers to engage with and promote brands on Pinterest. 1. Create a board for a brand on its Pinterest account.
While passing by a busy road, saw a famous brand’s product advertisement “forever 21″ it was. And it was done beautifully with the eye catching Inflatable advertising item.It looked so awesome and eye catching that everyone have noticed it and got to know about the launching of the new product. It is a creative way of displaying the product to the mass public area. Readmore
Founded as a women owned business and social networking organization by Lisa Montalva, the Women Owned Business Club (WOBC) was created due to the need of cost effective advertising and promotional services. The Women Owned Business Club has evolved into an online social media platform designed for women owned businesses and women in business.
  I wanted to share this amazing opportunity with all BlogHer members.
Not long ago we wrote an article about branding and included Tom’s shoes as an example of a successfully implemented unique selling proposition. Their charity appeals to the philanthropist in many, and helps motivate a buyer to choose Tom’s over a similar shoe due in part to the successful branding. Let’s dig deeper into Tom’s charities and find out what it is that they do for the world and how they do it.
I messed up. Before you read the rest, know that, and then at the end, when you're done reading, come back here and remember that. That, above all, else is the moral of this story.I messed up.Have you seen this yet?
There was so much involved in the planning of our wedding.  I really didn't know where to begin.  Never having been to a wedding in DC and never having planned a wedding, I turned to weddingwire, weddingbee, gayweddings, the knot and other such websites to read reviews for DJ's and other vendors.  When I met with the wedding coordinator at the Washington Plaza, she also had recommendations for vendors.  Our wedding coordinator has been in the business for 18 years and for most of that time she has worked with Ray at Bialek's music.  I took that recommendation to hea
So, on Sunday my partner Nicky and I were married in Washington DC.  All the worry was for naught.  It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day.  It truly was the happiest day of my life.  It was so exciting to have my father walk down the aisle, to be supported and loved by family and friends, to be told repeatedly that you look beautiful and that Nicky looks handsome. I was nervous for a total of 10 minutes while I was waiting in my room alone for the wedding coordinator to come and get me for the ceremony.  And my dear friends and bridesmaids, sensing my nervousness,
If you work in any industry, it likely has a trade show or five. Trade shows are as bountiful as the markets they represent so standing out amongst a sea of competitors is always a concern. How then, does a business present themselves and secure an unforgettable impression on their market after the doors close? Whatever your budget, options abound for giveaways that your business can be proud of and your clients will appreciate.
Hello Hello!I am now offering sponsor spots.  Yay!All ads will run for 30 days at a time, some are for purchase and othersare for free swap ads.  Just a few simple guidelines.  Make sure your blog, shop or site falls into at least one of these categories:Food/LifestyleCraft/DIYDeaf Blog or Vlog
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Hello my name is Marjorie Dormer thanks for the inviting me to Blogher I look forward to meeting women with my same concerns.Sometimes  as a woman it's hard to give your opinion when you're in a room with people who don't care about what you think. We all have something to give to help one another, we have been created by God to have friendships so we could inspire each other to be the best.
Now that 2013 is right around the corner, it’s time to discuss what we are going to see in the New Year for online marketing. It’s no secret that online marketing is constantly changing, so predictions can be almost impossible, but there are some durable trends we all need to prepare for.
'Tis the Season... while we're busy blogging, reading blogs, cooking, and blogging some more, taking a few minutes each day to promote our favorite bloggers can give a significant boost to their own holiday cheer!Here's what I try to do in order to promote my fellow bloggers, and my own blogs... it's all about The Power of Five:
In Wisconsin, we get some crazy weather and here, nothing shuts down for snow. People on the interstates drive at 65 mph whether the roads are snowy or dry. They zip right by me because until after driving in the first few snows, I am overly cautious. I'm the person who is stopped at a red light to make a left turn just glued to my rear view mirror praying that someone doesn't come barreling up and rear end me.  Although being rear ended or slid into is something beyond my control on the roads in the winter, being prepared is not.
Shortly after the BoomBoxNetwork party, Epilady contacted me and requested I write a review. I wrote back telling them that in all honesty, I couldn't do a review without a test drive of their product. They asked me to write an email with links to some of my reviews and the stats, and which model(s) I would like to test and also told me that lots of people wanted to review their products. I replied with links to my pajama jeans review (my first post on BlogHer!) and a few others that I've done the last few years.
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I love how social media has this great way to connect people that might not otherwise have connected. I also love how you can end up finding great designers and artists that you may never have seen if not for outlets such as twitter and Facebook. I had the good fortune of stumbling upon the darling etsy shop Flightless Bird Designs by Amanda Marucut. Amanda is a college student who started her shop on the side as an outlet for some of her artistic ambitions. All the listings of jewelry or accessories are designed and hand-crafted by Amanda.
   A recent article addresses the healthcare crisis in America. At present, the number of uninsured Americans at risk has increased to 53 million... Are there any solutions? Below is an excerpt from this article.
How Critical is Mobile Website Optimization?
These are the Women Owned Business Club's new weekly members. Come and see what we do for them every day for a one time fee of $45. We are dedicated to helping our members get their word out. Celine Egan, TCY Coaching & TrainingChandra Williams, Owner, A.C.E Your WaistKarin Caro, President of Blu Chip MarketingLacey Drust, The Shoe Bar LLCLaurie Marshall, Founder of TradeMarks The SpotLena Agacanyan,  Team Beach Body Coach Get Healthy w/Lena 
Glad to be part of Blogher. We will bring you daily updates on our members and show you what we do for them every day for a one time fee that is good for the life time of their website.Come and see what we do for them at We are dedicated to our members and getting their word out. It's time to pay it forward. LM
Okay, younger men got that six pack thing going on.  Not all of them but quite a few.  On the contrary - it’s not the power abs that caused me to begin considering the possibility that I might begin dating cougar style – privately anyway. No, actually is was the fact that I was getting older while staying completely fit without much effort and most of the men of a certain age for whom I still held an affinity were not able to keep up with me.
This blog is a big deal to me. It always has been.Only for the past year or so, though, have I attempted to care if it were a big deal to other people too.It’s something about me I’m not fond of – this apparent need to be liked. I never thought I had that very much. I’ve found myself censoring more, saying less. Trying to appeal…and for what?
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How do I say this...I don't really trust you. Pinterest is a place to share things with my friends. You know, people. Humans. Other (mostly) women who like to see pretty photos of things we might make, cook, or try with our kids one day.