Blogging: Would You Promote a Brand Exclusively?

There are milestones in a blogger’s life that signify how far they’ve gone after all their hard work. Receiving an offer for sponsorship for the very first time, for instance, is a milestone. Selling an ad spot on your blog for the first time is another. But when brands approach you and ask to partner up, do you say yes if the contract comes with exclusivity terms?I have been debating this question with myself in the past few days. I wonder what other bloggers do; do they say no automatically? Do they say yes if the price is right?...more

Your Ticket To Being Home With The Kids

Have you ever thought about becoming a Work At Home  Mom (WAHM)?  I thought about it long and hard the day I sat  down and calculated how many students I had suspended,  and how many had been arrested in just one week. When my  daughter was born I took one look at her and knew that I had  to figure something out fast....more

Lace Slip Dress Extender Skirt Lengther

Have a skirt too short? ... or a top not long enough? ... be able to adjust the length? ... or just want to add some lacey flair to your outfit?...more

Blaming It All on Jenny Doan

I've always been a big believer in "early to bed, early to rise" making me healthy, wealthy and wise. But, lately I've been hanging with a bad crowd. From the land of Jesse James, comes the likes of Jenny Doan and her gang, holed up in Hamilton, Missouri, and I just can't get off that runaway train....more
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Infinity Boho Animal Print Circle Loops Scarfs are so Trendy for 2013

You can refer to them as infinity looks or ring scarves however in the fashion world the unique accessory for 2013 fall and winter is referred to as a "loop." Infinity Boho Scarf & Indie Vintage Silver Cuff Accents...more

Boho Turban Headband Leopard PrintStretch Twist Knot Workout Headband

Ginga's Galleria NEW Boho Turban Wide Stretch Headbands are perfect for all occasions and all seasons!...more

The Difference Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Glue Guns

Something I've always wanted to know and thought I would share to all the crafters out there! ...more
Thanks for this...I'm a big crafter, but for some reason, I randomly purchase whatever glue gun ...more

How to Look Rich and Fashionable

Have you ever wondered why celebrities and wealthy people stand out?  Aside from obvious things, like their cars, they have a certain style and facade that just gives off a rich air.For all ages, looking polished and fashionable is also key, as is being/looking wealthy.STEPS:...more

Off-White Slouchy Button Lace Leg Warmers Ivory Knit Lace Boot Covers

Off-White Slouchy Button Lace Leg Warmers Ivory Knit Lace Boot CoversGinga's Galleria Button Down Lace leg warmers are so casually cute! They will fit under or over most any type of boot or shoe!...more