Tell us a story....and win a FREE trip to BlogHer 2007

C'mon...tell me a story. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of your summer vacation. I'm writing as one of three judges in OurStory's "Good, Bad, & Ugly" vacation story contest. For me, this contest is all about celebrating the fantastic, stories people are sharing on the Web. Already this summer, bloggers' stories about family vacations have given me sideaches from laughing so hard. Or sent me in search of a hankie. Given the summer vacation hilarity around my own house, I certainly feel a sense of community I didn't have the first day after school let out... ...more

In the BlogHer e-mail I received it said the contest ran through the 27th? Is it actually the ...more

Exciting news! On-site Childcare Available at BlogHer '06!

That's right! We are pleased and proud to announce to the BlogHer community that parents registered for the conference will now have the option to enroll their kids in our on-site childcare program! ...more

That's awesome!


BlogHer Conference '06: How you can help make childcare happen

As you may know BlogHer has been investigating how to deliver childcare for the conference this July. We got a big boost when ClubMom stepped up and offered some sponsorship dollars for childcare. ...more

I'd prefer you send BlogHer a check. Actually that saves us the processing fees that Acteva ...more