Baked Mathris | How to make Low Cal Baked Mathris

For the second day of Baked Snacks, I made some Mathris, the Indian version of Crackers. I have made different types of crackers or Mathris, however when it was time to make some baked snacks for kids, I immediately remembered what Usha had made recently for Bakeathon....more

Caprese Pasta Salad

I eat like a starving piggy every year this very week. We always make way too much food for the Super Bowl and never want any of it to go to waste. So what do we do? ...more

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries

Who loves the holidays? Insert raising hand emoji here because I seriously love them!...more

Cherry, Strawberry & Rose Pie

Your grocery store’s seasonal aisle is exploding with pink and red decorations, half of it dedicated to mass-produced, heart-shaped boxes of all sizes, filled with low-quality (and probably maraschino cherry-filled, EW!) chocolate, the other half lined with cartoon Valentines destined for some second grader’s hand-decorated.. ....more

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

I love sugar cookies, but they can be quite time consuming with chilling the dough and rolling them out into shapes. Enter these super easy Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars! It takes no time to whip up the dough and no chilling required and no rolling or cutting out ....more

Seared Turmeric Chicken Lunch Bowls

Lunch is the one meal a day most people tend to eat away from home. Some of us work through lunch, others socialize with coworkers, while for others it represents an opportunity to break a sweat during what may be the only time to workout [Me!]Lunch is also a crucial meal since the wrong nutritional balance mid-day can lead to lack of energy later. While the easiest approach for adults and children is probably to buy something, this may not be the healthiest or most cost-effective way to plan lunches.In fact, it is well-known that packing lunch is good for your body and your wallet ....more

Molded Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

The Farley household has been a busy place the last several weeks. ...more

February Reading List

If you’re looking for some book ideas, read along with me! I’m sharing my February Reading List. Have you read any good books lately? ...more

Strawberry Rice Krispies Cake

Strawberry flavored rice krispy treats are pressed into a Bundt pan to create a cute cake drizzled with chocolate. Valentine’s Day is a few days away and it’s one of my favorite holidays to bake for. Who am I kidding, every holiday is my favorite holiday to bake for ....more

S’mores Strawberries

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us....more