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The Grimm Details: Fuchsbau Makeup Tutorial

Grimm is the perfect mix of dark, comedic and romantic. I love the cast, and I am in love with the scenery where they shoot the show. I haven’t geeked over a show like this since Dexter ....more

Orange Creamsicle Frosting {gluten free & vegan}

As a "food allergy mom," preparation is key for me to keep up with all of the random, last minute events that pop up when food may be required. I like to make up a batch of cupcakes and freeze them (with or without frosting) for just such occasions. Birthday parties out or at school are the typical events, but now we have parties at school to include as well ....more

Roasted Pecorino Brussel Sprouts with a Pomegranate and Cider Glaze

This is one of my many answers for what to eat in place of salad when the weather starts to cool off. ...more

Fall Farro Salad With Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkin, Cranberries & Walnuts

I am a huge fan of grain salads packed full of veggies, and I make them often, varying the ingredients depending on the season. There are so many healthy grains available to choose from these days that can be found in our local grocery stores. Some of my favorite grains for salads are farro, barley [...] ...more

Thanksgiving Turkey Innovation ...more

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble (gf)

So here’s how it happened: AJ and I were at the grocery store and I was complaining (as per usual) about not eating...more

Don’t Be “Scurred”

We develop so much fear when it comes to beginning new relationships. We tend to carry a lot of our old baggage into one relationship after the next resulting in a season of disappointments and ultimately giving up on love. However, I want to challenge the way we think about being apart of any relationship......more

Food, Family and Tradition Reivew & Giveaway

I have to confess that while I love to collect cookbooks, I don’t really read them. I prefer to browse through the pictures, take a mental note of the good-looking recipes, and return them to the bookshelf amid my growing collection. Rarely do I come upon a cookbook that I want to read front to back ....more

M&M Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

It’s almost Halloween! What’s your favorite Halloween tradition? Growing up we’d always have either chili or pigs in a blanket, go trick or treating & go to a local festival ....more

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!!

Easy Halloween Party Treats for Kids !!!!! ...more