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Roasted Beet, Brown Rice & Chickpea Burgers with Crispy Kale & a Thyme Tahini Sauce {gf+v}

I’ve been dreaming of these beet burgers ever since I made my sweet potato and black bean burgers! ...more

Caramel Apple Oreos

I’m home. Oh, god, I’m home. And instead of summery lemon and fruit Oreos or whimsical Rice Krispie cookies, we’re slammed with some back to school shenanigans of caramel apple ....more

Make Better Smoothies with Herbs and Spices!

When I’m in a smoothie rut, I turn to the spice rack for inspiration. If you want to take your blender game to the next level, you are going to have to experiment. I’ve created this guide to help you pick the best spices and herbs to add to your smoothie or juice ....more

Antipasto Sandwichアンティパストサンドイッチ

Antipasto Sandwich Since we had some leftover cold cut meat, cheese, and roasted vegetables from our open house, I made this sandwich the next day. I was thinking of naming this “after-party leftover sandwich”, but the sandwich turned out to look and taste so fabulous that I hesitated to use the word, “leftover”. So I re-named this “antipasto sandwich” ....more

spicy meatball sandwich with pesto

One of our favorite meals from our vacation this summer was at Meat and Bread in Vancouver. We split their signature porchetta and meatball sandwiches, both of which were ridiculously delicious! I'm planning on attempting a recreation of that porchetta sometime in the future, but since Miles hasn't stopped talking about the meatball sandwich for the past month, I decided to start there first.I made a few changes -- basil pesto rather than gremolata, a simply spicy tomato sauce rather than sambal -- but I have to say, this tasted pretty close to the original! ...more

Bacon Barbecue Sauce #BaconMonth

Sweet and salty, this Bacon BBQ Sauce is sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces! I love bacon. I’m sure by now my readers have figured that out ....more

Cookies and Cream Bars

These chewy Cookies and Cream Bars are perfect for any Cookies and Cream lover. Topped with lots of fluffy cream cheese frosting, these bars are pretty amazing. Do you ever have days where you feel completely overwhelmed with your life? ...more

School Lunch 2013-2104 Roundup

[Want to see more of what I'm cooking every day? Follow me over on Facebook and Instagram for lots more updates.] I meant to do this long before school started this year, but things get busy and time gets ahead of me. ...more

Brownie Pie

This gooey Brownie Pie is a chocolate lover’s dream. Intensely chocolatey with a gooey marshmallow topping and fudge frosting. Ridiculous! ...more