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May the Fourth be With You! Star Wars Day Snacks

It's Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You!...more

Mama Mondays: Why Worry?

I read an interview in People Magazine recently with Sandra Bullock and they asked her what advice she would give her younger self. She said she would have told herself not to worry so much. That she wasted so much time with worry and that she wishes she could get it back ....more

Loaded Mexican Fries Plus 15 Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Loaded Mexican Fries...more

Spring asparagus from Elizabeth Bard’s Picnic in Provence

I first met Elizabeth Bard in Paris, when we shared a plate of duck tongues and swapped book publishing experiences. She had just published a food memoir, Lunch in Paris, and given birth to a baby boy, and I remember feeling quite awestruck by her unflappable calm. A few months after our lunch, Elizabeth and her husband, Gwendal, moved to a small village in Provence ....more

Restaurant Syle Mexican Salsa

Quick, easy, authentic tasting Mexican salsa; just pulse together in a food processor blender.

Chocolate Turtle Pretzel Bites

Mother’s Day is May 10 this year and right around the corner. Do you have any traditions for celebrating this special day? I think it’s fun to get my children in the kitchen with me to work on a baking project ....more

Chocolate Fountain Giveaway!

I feel like it’s time for a fun giveaway. I received this as a present from someone who didn’t know I am allergic to chocolate. You would be seriously shocked at how many people gift me chocolate ....more

Salted Cream Iced Coffee with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Cookies

Take a break with Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies...more

Jiffy Mexican Style Cornbread

Simple ingredients dress up packaged corn muffin mix to create this super moist and flavorful Mexican Style Cornbread with a cake-like texture. While I’m a huge fan of cornbread made from scratch (like my tried and true Rustic Sweet Cornbread),...more