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Lemonade Rice Krispies Treats

Oh yes, my obsession with rice krispies treats continues! ...more

Cookie Dough Pudding Shots (and some exciting news!)

My husbands little cousin loves cookie dough. This summer when we were all at the beach she actually did something called the "cookie dough dance" where she wiggled her hands and hips back and forth and sang:"Cookie dough dance, cookie dough dance"...more

Perfectly Soft Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

When it comes to sugar cookies, we are pretty picky around here. My sister makes a killer sugar cookie if you want a non-cream cheese version. I wanted to make sugar cookies with the kids and meant to email her for her recipe, but instead I decided to forage blindly ahead and try a variation on the King Arthur Flour version ....more

Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

I made Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with the intention to eat it after feasting on steamed crabs. Sadly, Houston is actually experiencing winter this year and it was too cold to sit outside to eat. So instead we went out to eat and had this at home after ....more

Whole Wheat Apple Spice Muffins Recipe

Whip up a batch of these healthy whole wheat apple spice muffins for snacks. Stash the leftovers in the freezer for an on-the-go breakfast option. My destiny as a domestic goddess came to a screeching halt when I was 11 years old ....more

Caffeinated Breakfast Cookies

I am tired. Being a stay-at-home-mom is no joke. It’s exhausting; especially when your kiddo still doesn’t – gasp! ...more

White Russian Pudding Parfaits

So, have you been watching the Olympics the past few weeks?? I have not. Yea, maybe I caught some speed skating on the TVs at the gym one night last week, but I’ve totally lost interest this year for some reason ....more

Mor Kuzhambu / Buttermilk curry / Marjika Pulusu with Sepang Kizhangu

Mor Kuzhambu is a very staple south Indian dish and is sure a delicacy to be proud of. I love the tang and the flavor of this kuzhambu. I enjoy eating it mixed with rice and having raw onion as side dish for it :) Its not a new recipe but registering my version of it here for my readers :) Sepang Kizhangu or taro root is again a lovely vegetable when roasted in oil or in this kuzhambu ....more

Rice Chex Peach Crisp

It’s right about now that I usually start craving stone fruits and tastes of summer....more

“UP” Inspired Balloon Cupcakes

These “UP” inspired balloon cupcakes are so fun and incredibly easy to put together — no special decorating skills required. I am SO excited about these cupcakes!! UP is one of my all time favorite Disney movies ....more