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Fried Duck Egg Avocado Toast (Gluten Free)

A farmer friend of mine had a windfall of thick shelled duck eggs from her apparently extremely happy lady ducks this past week. So when she offered to replace my usual dozen chicken eggs with the duck kind I was quick to respond with a huge, thankful YES. She’s a kind lady, that one ....more

Dark Chocolate Gelato - Intense Flavor, Delicate Texture

Italy's famous gelato is a delicious frozen dessert with an astonishing clarity of flavor and a unique texture. It has a rich, creamy and elastic consistency that just melts in your mouth. It is usually prepared using fresh and good quality ingredients such as milk, egg yolks, cream and natural flavorings ....more

Berry Clafoutis

Clafoutis…..for anyone struggling with that one, don’t be ashamed. SA regularly asks the lady at our local bakery for a Kala-fa-tis, this is usually met with a clueless blank stare “you mean a croissant?” Clafoutis (pronounced...more

"Perky" News: I am an Enell Blog Ambassador... YIKES!

So what's this all about? Well, Enell is a company that makes sports bras and apparel for (shall we say) busty gals... And I am a very busty gal ....more

Flashback Friday

Todays recipe for Flashback Friday is an easy Mango Chicken that is made in the slow cooker. Then it is served up over some sweet coconut rice. This dish is full of tropical flavor! ...more


My husband called his maternal grandmother, "nan", pronounced "naan" like this flatbread. Fitting because she was a professional baker who hailed from Poland and made dishes that linger in the families memory: rich bread, elaborate cakes for birthdays, donuts she fried fresh in her kitchen, polish cheesecake, soup noodles and so on. ...more

Tomato & Sharp Cheddar Focaccia

Since good, ripe tomatoes have become available in these parts, I’ve more or less been living...more

Tropical Lemon Curd Bars

There is just something about lemon flavored desserts. I don’t know whether it’s their bright yellow hue, or their tart flavor that makes you pucker – but they’ve always been a favorite of mine. My great aunt always made a really good lemon bar,...more

Sichuan Chili Potato Chips

I've been making a lot of chips lately.It's the abundant crops from the Siena Farms CSA that are drowning me in potatoes, beets, and kale. I can hardly keep up, especially with the various weekend trips of late. It's no wonder I have to dry them out and make "chips" out of everyting in order to prevent them from going bad.But potatoes?OK, OK, you're right ....more

Zucchini Noodle Lo Mein

A few years ago I tried going on a low carb diet. A lot of people were like “soooo…you’re giving up vegetarianism?” Of course, the answer was no. I’m not sure there’s anything at this point in my life that could convince me to go back to eating meat ....more