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Food Doesn't Get Better Than This

Matsutake mushrooms. Stinging nettles. Smoked sturgeon.This was the description for the fifth course of the eight course tasting menu at the Historic Requa Inn last night, where we were splurging for a late anniversary dinner. The Inn's occasion was the second of their three beer-maker's dinners and the chefs outdid themselves....more

Tavern Road

Cochon de lait (deep fried head cheese), Chicken Rillette, Duck Prosciutto, Lamb Salumi, Lardo, Coppa di Testa ($15 for half board, $23 for full board) It wasn't that long ago when most people in America would be grossed out by the idea of eating chicken hearts, pig's heads, or whole fish. Growing up in a Taiwanese household, I was no stranger to the likes of chicken feet, pig's ears, or fish heads on the table. However, it wasn't until the last 5-10 years that I have started to see these items appear more often in the American upscale dining scene ....more

Red Velvet Truffle Brownies

So, it’s almost time to start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, right? ...more

Honeydew, Cucumber and Elderflower Sorbet

This Honeydew, Cucumber and Elderflower sorbet is just the thing to help you cool down as the days grow ever warmer as we edge our way to summer. And it couldn’t be simpler to make. The only real effort required is peeling and chopping the honeydew and cucumber before whizzing it submission in a blender along with some sugar, lemon juice (or lime if you have that handy) and elderflower cordial ....more

1000 Facebook Follower GIVEAWAY

Thank you thank you thank you for liking...more

Maicena {Cornstarch Pudding}

Maicena, along with Cornmeal Pudding, are the go-to dish for an afternoon snack for kids in the Dominican Republic. I can’t stress enough how much Dominicans cook from scratch for their families. I think it is because: a) We don’t like a lot of pre-made stuff ....more

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Fall is all around us; the changing leaves, cool air and endless amounts of pumpkins everywhere....more

Happy Veteran's Day!

I don't know if you have seen the USAA commercials Where people talk about how they earned the right to use this military insurance. ...more

Angel Food Cupcakes for an Angel!

When I was in middle school I moved from Westport Ct, to Fairfield Ct at the beginning of my 7th grade year.  Fortunately I was entering a middle school which was grade 7 and 8 so there were lots of kids entering who didn't know each other and I didn't stand out as the "new girl".  I made two friends very quickly, and we remained friends for many years.  One of the girls I was great friends with was named Dee Dee....more

Thanksgiving and The Spiral Ham of Death (a GLUTEN FREE adventure)!

 Photo Credit:
wdolderer Thanks for you comment. I know that my MIL didn't realize about the contaminated ...more