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creamy chicken and peas

Chunks of chicken breast sautéed with sweet peas and chives in creamy sauce. Ready in 18 easy minutes and kid friendly! On Sunday when I was putting together this week’s healthy weeknight menu I mentioned that after combing through my archives, I was inspired to share more fast weeknight meals with you ....more

Hot Cross Buns

One a penny, two a penny - Hot Cross Buns!...more

In Support of Home Birth

When I was pregnant, it took me forever to come to grips with having a hospital birth and I took a little flack for it. I was so utterly defaulted that home birth was an option. After having had a natural birth in the hospital setting, I feel even more compelled to speak up about the option of home birth ....more

Creme de Menthe Cookies

As you know, I walked my boots to the basement in a declaration that Winter is over!Today, I am shedding my coat!  I see 50 degree days for the next ten days and it feels FABULOUS!Some of you may think 50 is still kind of chilly.  But, up in these parts 50 is AMAZING!...more

Creamy Garlic Lemon Butter Pasta

I need to start a new category on the blog called, “Recipes I thought weren’t turning out and ended up being favorites”. It seems to be the recipes that I’m the least bit worried about photographing and the least confident in always end up being my favorites. And not just mine but the whole family’s ....more

Khobz Mzaweq - Moroccan Decorated Bread #BreadBakers

Khobz Mzaweg or decorated yeast bread is a specialty loaf from Morocco, so called because of the pattern created with a sharp blade, the shiny egg yolk wash and the sprinkling of both sesame and nigella seeds before baking....more

9 Reasons to Visit Park City, Utah

Whether you’re an avid skier or simply looking for a fun and accessible winter getaway, here are...more

Turkey Keftedes (Greek Meatballs) & Herbed Couscous Plates with Roasted Green Beens + Tzatziki

I’m pretty excited about sharing this recipe with you today. I’ve been really into making foods from other cultures lately so, fair warning, there is going to be some border crossing. I hope you have your passport ready because today I’m taking you to lunch in Athens ....more

Guinness Beef Stew (Crock Pot)

I love a good beef stew in the winter, but love it even more when my crock pot does most of the work. Since it’s almost St. Patrick’s day, I adapted my tried and true recipe to include some Guinness ....more

Slow Cooker Lentil Smoked Ham Soup

This simple Slow Cooker Lentil Smoked Ham Soup is so flavorful, no one will guess just how easy it is to make. A number of years ago, I took a cooking class with a local French chef and he made the most incredible lentil soup. The recipe was so simple, yet the soup had such flavor that I still remember that bowl of soup ....more