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Ten Favorite Deliciously Healthy Salads that are Perfect for Thanksgiving

All these deliciously healthy favorite salads would be perfect for Thanksgiving! The annual food lover's countdown to Thanksgiving has officially begun!...more

Indian Spiced Baked Mini Apples

A couple of weeks ago Steve and I went up to Los Angeles for a Halloween party my brother and his friends threw. While we were up there we visited Steve’s grandfather in Pasadena. Down the street from him we noticed a garage sale going on ....more

classic white sandwich bread

There is something so thrilling about making dough. Call me crazy, but I have a love for all things bread. My passion for making dough started with pizza, and now continues as I explore different breads ....more

Apple Streusel Coffee Cake

This morning I was commiserating with some fellow food bloggers on Instagram about how life as a food blogger is a constant struggle between doing what we love and trying to not to blow up like a whale. And it makes losing...more

Pastel Rainbow Layer Cake

happy birthday to me! :) for my birthday this year i chose to make a rainbow layered cake instead of an entremet. i think the pastel version looks way better compared to one done in primary colors ....more

Kale Salad

Move over Popeye, say hello to the Queen of Greens – Kale....more

Red Velvet Cake Batter Fudge

Red Velvet Cake Batter Fudge-so easy to make and even better to eat! Red Velvet Cake. The gorgeous deep red color draws you in ....more

Peppermint Fudge Cake

I am flat-out annoyingly excited about the holidays this year. I am usually begging the retailers to stop shoving things in my face before it’s time but this year is different. I went to buy bowls at Big Lots (if you are not in-the-know Big Lots is the land of all awesomeness and has the best decorations for all the holidays ever) and got lost looking at Christmas wreaths and cute little snowmen that live in the front yard ....more

Fairy Bread Party Cake and a Hey YoYo Giveaway

Today I'm bringing you a special...more