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Pizza Pull-Apart Bread Recipe

Pizza Pull-Apart Bread – take your pizza to the next level with this fun idea! I am constantly on the look out for fun variations of the standards. Like pizza ....more

Valentine Sugar Cookies

Aren’t these beautiful cookies? They taste beautiful too, and of course if they don’t taste good, then they have no reason to exist – at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m not the world’s best cookie decorator by a long shot, but I can appreciate what goes into creating beautiful cookies ....more

Honey Beer Glazed Wings

 Our Patriots didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the festivities on game day. To many, it’s all about the game, but to others it’s all about the food (and halftime). I pledge allegiance to latter camp. I have been working on a new wing recipe for the special occasion....more

The Best Granola w/ Cashews & Coconut

You probably already know this, but I was thrilled to discover ............. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY> ...more

Salmon with Creole Mustard Sauce

Here’s a salmon recipe that I made last weekend and became instant hit with my family. ...more

CrockPot Lemon Chicken baked on a bed of Sauerkraut from Eat at Home

CrockPot Lemon Chicken baked on a bed of Sauerkraut sounds deliciously low-carb. We're focusing on healthy slow cooker options for the month of January, and for anyone who's looking for a crock-pot recipes that are low-carb, Paleo, or South Beach Diet Phase One, I think this CrockPot Lemon Chicken baked on a bed of Sauerkraut from Eat at Home sounds delicious....more

Scottsdale AZ Spas {#ScottsdaleAZ}

I live in the Phoenix metro area and love heading to Scottsdale for a fun day with family and friends. ...more

Old Favorite Made Vegan: "Spaghetti and Broccoli"

 When I was a girl, one of my favorite things that my father would cook was something we always called “Spaghetti and Broccoli.” It was capellini pasta (always capellini… my dad’s favorite!) with broccoli florets and alfredo sauce. Simple, delicious comfort food... full of creamy, carb-y awesome....more
my sort of mealmore

Green Chicken Chile Dip

Sometimes dip is more than just dip. This is one of those times. This dip is delicious and filling ....more

Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes

If you enjoy cupcakes that are light, fluffy, and not too sweet, this recipe is for you. ...more