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What’s for dinner? Mini Meatball Sub Bake

Are you sick of getting asked, “What’s for dinner?” Are you sick of asking yourself that question? Did you maybe not realize that, once you became a mom, your life would revolve around food? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then do I have something for you! ...more

Methi Dal

There’s something about the mighty Methi that makes those of us...more

Lemon-Garlic Pan-Seared Salmon and Asparagus

Garlic and lemon pan-seared salmon is the easiest peasiest meal that can be made in under 30 minutes. Keep your weeknights simple, healthy, and tasty! ...more

Easy Oven Baked Jerk Chicken

We’ve been trying a bunch of chicken recipes...more

Salad with Baked Goat Cheese Tarragon Patties

It takes a lot for me to eat a salad. There has to be something mighty good...more

Lemon Pie Energy Bites

These Lemon Pie Energy Bites taste just like lemon bars or lemon pie, but they are healthy!! This lemon snack will satisfy your sweet tooth and wake you up! ...more

Greek Yogurt Marion Blackberry Muffins with Honey Oat Streusel

For those of you who have stumbled onto Uproot from Oregon and are still unsure why this seemed like a blog name to choose- let me explain. Growing up in Portland, Oregon helped define my food philosophy. I can’t help but think of Oregon as my true ‘home’ in so many ways- from...more

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

There are good reasons why certain recipes become classics. A certain combination of ingredients can create a meal that’s so homey, so comforting, that it can bring out nostalgic memories in even the least sentimental of us. Chicken and wild rice soup is one of those ....more

sausage and cheese drop biscuits

Oh man, is there anything better than a warm biscuit for breakfast? I've expressed my love of biscuits before here...more

Oven Roasted Tomatoes with Parmesan and Herbs {Guest Post from The Country Contessa}

Beat the winter tomato blues with The Country Contessa‘s brilliant side dish:...more