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Popovers with Strawberry Butter & Giveaway

Neiman Marcus Popovers with Strawberry Butter. These homemade airy popovers are light and fluffy in texture. Serve hot with the Strawberry Butter ....more

Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

I just love these cute mini sweet peppers. They were so colorful and I just can’t resist buying it. Carlos has been putting them in his salad but I am not a fan of eating them raw as I can’t digest it too well ....more

Daikon Mushroom Curry大根きのこカレー

Daikon Mushroom Curry Today you can get fresh mushrooms all year around. But I always associate mushrooms with the fall season. Daikon is also a seasonal vegetable right now (I believe), and I decided to make curry with these two as the major ingredients ....more

Curbing Consumer Demand for Sugary Drinks

On November 4th, 2014 voters in Berkeley and San Francisco will be deciding whether to tax sugary drinks. If passed, Proposition E would add .02 cents per ounce on sugary beverages to fund physical education, nutrition, and active recreation programs. The tax is estimated to bring in $31 million in revenues per year if passed....more

Fall Harvest Pumpkin & Beef Stew, a Bread Bowl’s Best Friend

There are many things in life that make the best of friends. Certain things partner up in such a way making them better together than they ever could’ve been apart: a cool evening and a blanket; a good movie and some fresh, hot popcorn; a golden-pink hued sunset and a contemplative walk; a heart filled with love and a warm embrace or a kiss. The things that go together give a little extra definition to life, and create warmth and preciousness; they offer color and a little special flavor to our experience, making it just a bit more soft and cozy ....more

Soft Pretzel Bites

These Soft Pretzel Bites are one of the best things I have ever made. Crispy on the outside, super soft on the inside… Like most of America I am addicted to those dang mall pretzels....more

National Chili Month 2014

I love; I say that sarcastically, all these foods that have their day or even months. National Twinkie Day. Sweet Chili Pepper Day ....more


Hello, hello! And happy Sunday! I have spent the entire morning working at my new standing desk (which I got on Craigslist for $30, whaddup), trying to figure out how to make my blog more beautiful and efficient for you ....more

Caramel Apple Crisp

The Fall weather is officially here in New Jersey and I’m loving every minute of it! I love this time of year not only because of the weather but.. can you guess the most obvious reason? ...more

Revenge of the Carnivores

I find it interesting that some people find vegetarians annoying.  And when it comes to vegans, it’s even worse.  We are pegged as morally superior, self-righteous food snobs who not only harbor deep-seated psychological problems that prevent us from enjoying the finer things in life, but who are also sanctimonious creeps who insist on making our carnivorous brethren feel bad about their dietary choices....more
Thanks so much!  When one of my coworkers commented on how good my lunch smelled, I told her ...more