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Cranberry Apple Sausage Stuffing

Sweet and savory Cranberry Apple Sausage Stuffing packed with flavor. Easy to prepare. A must-have for the holidays ....more

What Did You Cook For Thanksgiving Giveaway

After a lot of prep, cooking, cleaning, setting up your home for guests or being a guest at someone else’s home, the big day – Thanksgiving, is over. Today, most of us are either relaxing, cleaning or shopping. I chose to ignore all the sales and save money by not spending any, ha ha ....more

Roasted Carrots with Mint & Tahini Sauce

I love the simplicity of this recipe. Carrots are roasted until tender and then topped with a creamy tahini, garlic and lemon sauce and sprinkled with fresh chopped mint and crunchy roasted hazelnuts. These carrots are absolutely bursting with flavour, sweet, nutty, creamy, acidic, and refreshingly minty, they really have it all! ...more

Masala Egg / Spicy Egg Snack

Masala Egg  / Spicy egg is simple, quick and easy recipe. You can make it for breakfast or starter or have it as a snack....more

Punjabi Chole Masala / Chana Masala / Chickpeas Step by Step Recipe

Chole / Chickpeas is a easy yet delicious dish and a hit for guests or parties. It’s a  favourite dish of my family and we like it with bhatura’s or puri...more

Fluffy Omelette

We can make various dishes using eggs like Masala Egg, Cheese Omelette etc. but my Son loves fluffy omelette....more

Sabudana Khichadi / Sago Khichadi / Sago Snack

Every morning after waking up the first thought come to my mind is what to make for breakfast? sometimes I think why we don’t have a holiday for eating? think about a day without cooking!!! No cooking means no dirty dishes, no preparations. This is not possible so on weekends I plan for the breakfast menu which is quick and delicious like masala egg, cheese omelette or sabudana khichadi / sago snack....more

Bhindi Fry / Okra Fry / Simple and Quick Bhindi Masala Recipe

Bhindi fry/ Bhindi Masala is quick and easy side dish and can be easily made in jiffy.  Bhindi / Okra / Lady Finger can be prepared in various ways but I like this Bhindi fry recipe as its tasty as well as very quick to make, it goes well with Roti / Fulka /  Poori and a great side dish for Dal Fry and Jeera Rice / Cumin Rice meal....more

Holiday Tortilla Pinwheels

These pretty Holiday Tortilla Pinwheels will add a festive touch to your next holiday gathering. Retro party snacks are the best! I’ve been making different varieties of tortilla pinwheels forever and a day and just like cocktail meatballs and slow cooker cocktail sausage, they just never go out of style ....more

Best Turkey Leftover Recipe, Turkey Pasta Soup

It seems I never learn. I always worry...more