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The Twelve Days of Detox

Now that the twelve days of Christmas are wrapped up like a bow, it’s time for a seasonal detox to clean out all of those ‘extras’ that may have crept in over the holidays. I’ve experimented with many different detoxing methods over the years, even documenting a couple of them on the website like the Master Cleanse. For this time of year, I prefer a heartier approach that includes plenty of food ....more

Red Velvet Biscotti

Have a love for coffee and biscotti? This Red Velvet Biscotti with the hint of chocolate is perfect. Plus, who else feels the need to prolong the holiday treat-eating season? ...more

The Best of Country Cleaver in 2014

You have spoken, there were some seriously wonderful recipes that you have been searching for this year! There were so many wonderful recipes this year, there is too many to count – but these top ten from 2014 capture the best that this year has to offer. PS – A third of them are How-To’s! ...more

Top 10 Recipes of 2014

What a year it has been!2014 started off in a very difficult way with Mom in the hospital two days before New Year’s Eve but as the year progressed her condition improved and she is in a much... This is just a summary of my post.Click on the link for the full article! ...more

Let Me Tell You About My Village

You always hear people throwing around the phrase "it takes a village." When I was pregnant, I was so aware of this phrase, and I vowed to let that village in; you know, in case I needed them, which I thought I might. Boy was that the best decision I've made in a while! As it turned out, I needed the village ....more

Fabulous Five Minute Fudge

  I’ve seen some people make fudge in the slow cooker, but honestly, who has time for that! This recipe takes only 5 minutes to make and requires NO preparation and the great thing about it is you can make any variations you like to the standard recipe. I made classic chocolate topped with Jaffas and double layer white chocolate with sprinkles.Fudge VariationsPeppermint fudge – Omit the vanilla extract and replace with peppermint extract...more

Family Friendly New Year’s Drink

Alcohol can destroy lives! ...more

Top 10 New Year’s Eve Cocktail & Appetizer Recipes

It’s time to see the year out in style, with my top 10 favorite New Year’s Eve cocktail and appetizer recipes. I may not be able to stay up until midnight anymore (seriously, what is wrong with me? Am I 95 years old already?!), but I love everything about New Year’s Eve ....more

Scenes from Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! Or belated Christmas I guess…the weekend after the holidays can be a bit of a funk. Does anyone else feel like Christmas totally passed us by? ...more

2014 Top 10 Recipes

As we countdown the days until the new year, I'm having fun looking back and remembering the recipes I've shared with you over this past year. Today I'm sharing the...more